Monday, December 14, 2015

Recipe: Murtabak Maggi

بسم الله الرحمن الهر نير الرحيم

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last few weeks I was soo busy with my paper works, assignments, FYP, quizzes and more! For this week I have 3 test in a row! IMAGINE! Wahhh... As you can tell it is the end of semester so tons of works need to be submitted before Final Examination begins. Fuhh~

If have some free time I can cook for myself. To be honest I'm not an excelent cooking I just can cook something simple yet tasty! Aicehhh.. I got an idea why not sharing my cooking recipe with you rather than keep story about beauty. Right?? But don't worry, my cooking skill is so-so. So everything I cooking is simple and can be done by anyone! Especially student like me. As we know that Maggi is like a "staple" food for every students I guess. It is been awhile since I eat instant noodle, a year I guess. I rarely eat instant noodle I will prefer to cooked someting else compare to instant noodle. Since my sudden craving come out lately, I want to make this Murtabak Maggi. It is a really simple recipe which an innovation of Maggi rather then just eat the maggi like normal one. This is how I make my Murtabak Maggi. Just follow this simple step.  

 2 Packs Maggi Kari (Rebus dan tos meggi tu dan rencang simpan)
Ayam (dipotong dadu)
Kobis (Cincang)
Carrots (potong memanjang_
3 biji Telur

Makesure you cook in a clean place. everything state must be washed very well before you cooked. Ensure your hand clean as well as your ingredients. Let's START
1. Didihkan air dan masukkan ayam smpai nampak macam dah semi-cooked tu
2. masukkan kobis dan carrots tadi kedalam didihan tersebut dalam seminit sahaja

3. Toskan hasil rebusan tadi
4. masukan maggi, hasil rebusan tadi dan jugak 3 biji telur dalam satu bekas dan gaulkan 

5. masukkan serbuk kari maggi tadi kedalam gaulan. kalau nak sedap lagi boleh tambah serbuk kari sikit dan juga garam secukup rasa
6. gaul jangan tak gaul. Sehingga sebati.

7. here you go. Sekarang boleh la masak gaulan tadi tu
8. biar la sehingga garing dan sesedap hati you ouls lahh..

YUMMS! Now it's ready to eat..
This is how I make my Murtabak Maggi. As for the ingedients you can choose based on what you like. It does not mean you have to follow my step. Just make sure you have this three MAIN INGREDIENTS ( Maggi, Serbuk Maggi, Telur). If you really don't have any additional ingredients in the kicthen you can cooked with this 3 main ingredients as well. No Problem! It is all up to you :)

I hope you like my recipe. Hahaha.. Wait for more recipe upcoming. Practice cooking ke ni??HehHehHehh.. *shy shy cat

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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