Friday, December 25, 2015

Foodies: Honey Creme Desa Sri Hartamas

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Who love Ice-Cream. If you scroll down my Instagram you can see I am a die-hard fan of ice-cream. I mean everytime I get stress or try to balance-up my mood I will looking for an ice-cream. Even, when I'm happy I want ice-cream as well!!! Heee~

Last Wednesday (23rd Dec 2015) I try this new premium organic soft-serve ice-cream from Honey Creme! Honey Creme is actually a korean-style ice-cream and you don't have to bother to go to Korea to get this ice-cream because it is now available in Malaysia. 
YEAYY! Marilah bergoyanggg~~

This ice-cream basically more for healthy ingredient content and nutritional toppings on it. They have raw honeycomb which is the best seller and I regret not to try it! Errr~ they also have dark chocolatepopcornsaffogatoorganic mixed grains and cotton candy! YUMSSS.. You can choose either to eat the ice-cream in a cup or cone. The cone also made-up wit organic ingredients and come with colorful types. 

That day, I tried 2 different ice-cream that is Dark Chocolate and Popcorns.

Dark Chocolate
This most chosen as well, I love it. It come with two premium dark chocolates selected for the base and the crispy crunch. It sparkled with Italian pink rock salt on top to enhancing the sweet taste. *recommended

The soft serve ice-cream is topped with caramel popcorns that imported from USA. I can feel the popcorns a really different compare to any other regular popcorns. When the crispy and crunchy caramel popcorns synthesize with the original soft serve ice-cream, you will experience an immaculate taste of joy in this ice-cream. I'm totally loving it. The ice-cream it self already delicious and imagine when it come with caramel popcorns. UWAHHH~ *recommended

and Walahhh~ Hasil nya sungguh menyelera kan!

So, here my face yang tak sabar nak makan ice-cream!! Heee~
Overall I like it. The ice-cream was amazing. Next time I will come with my girlssss. YUMSS..

I also try the macaroon. It come with several flavor and that day I try chocolate and berry with marshmallow. If you ask me, I will say better stick with their ice-cream much more worth. NGEEE.. 

Honey Creme located at Desa Sri Hartamas. I don't know why with me, I still not "master" to go to Hartamas. Hahaa.. BOOO me! I know.. To get to this place you can WAZE "Mantera The Orange Tree Desa Sri Hartamas". To be honest, parking is quite difficult to find here. So I advice you to park at the car-park provided which you have to pay RM5/hour if I'm not mistaken or you will be sue RM100 like me because I'm parking at wrong place and wrong timing. T__T  FUHHH~

Anyway, for more info please visit their
Instagram: @honeycremehartamas

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. My god kene sue weh. Perghh seram nk p tmpt2 gini, parking sejam rm5 pat org kaya

  2. You should try the Cotton Candy Affogato one! It is really good.