Monday, August 10, 2015

Foodies: Bites, Melaka - A Straits Fusion Affair


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Just to let you guys know that currently I'm studying in Melaka. Means that I will spend most of the months in Melaka until the end of this year of 2015, In Shaa Allah. So, I will be in KL like for any mid-term break or semester break. So, I think why not to share with you what the best place in Melaka to hang out and this and thats right. For the last semester my friend so rajin bring me for food hunting. I'm gaining weight! ARGHHH!! Yet it is best to try out something new right. My friend suggest to go to this place where you can taste a bit different in term of the food menu. The place called Bites.

This place is located near to tourist area. I can say that this place is suitable for dinner time it is nice and cozy for you to chill and hang out with your friend have a chit chat spend some quality time together, I like the comfortable feeling when you enter this cafe. The waiters also friendly as well. It located near the street Jalan Parameswara, so you have to look out very carefully, They also provide car park next to the cafe.

Because to excited I did't even get a chance to snap a few picture of the cafe but I can say this place is really cozy and comfortable. The time I arrived with my friend this place is not that packed but still have customer. It have 2 floors you can choose to eat upstairs or downstairs. I just eat downstairs near by the entrance. 

This is the menu listing. They have so many food range that make me want to try maybe later. 

This is what we order that night. 
All the burger buns is home made and the special you can see the the crispy potato chips. It is shredded crispy potato really tasty same goes to the onion ring. home made!  

The drinks. Forgot the name already. Hahaa~

Chicken Satay Burger- RM17.90

Lamb Burger - RM19.90

I'm ready to eat! YUMMS~

For those who would like to try something new or different in menu you can find this Bites cafe and try it. I bet you will satisfy with your orders. Goodluck in food hunting guys.

For more details:-
Bites - A Straits Fusion Affair
Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Till then, xoxo

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