Monday, August 10, 2015

Beauty: Real Techniques Retractable Kebuki Brush


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I purchase this Real Techniques Retractable Kebuki Brush a few months ago. I was aiming for this brush for a such a long time because I'm type of person who love to apply powder using brush. So I was aiming for this kinda brush and finally decide to purchase it. I need a brush which is practically to bring a long together with me. All I can say that it is travel friendly and easy to be use. After I found this brush my problem solved. Hahahaa.. FInally found something that compatible to bring a long with me while I'm on travel or daily use in my makeup pouch.

As you can see on the 3 picture above. I show that this cover can easily move upwards and downwards. I normally think that this is to help cover the bristles but when I found out that it also function to allow us to control the dense for the bristle as to make it suitable for certain application like when to use on apply powder, bronzer, blusher, highlighter or even concealer. Yahhh! I even use this brush to apply my concealer. Hahaaa.. Very practical! It also come with a lid that can cover the brush from damage and hygiene purpose. Well, you know when you put the brushes in you handbag there is thousand, million bacteria in it so this will help the bristles from get infected and also keep the shape of the bristles nicely. Thumbs Up! 

The bristles is made of from synthetic bristle same goes to other real Techniques brushes. It is soft and nicely touch on your skin. help in better application of products. This brush come with a design of an angle that will help in a better application for blusher, bronzer and highlighter on you cheek area. Totally multipurpose for this brush. When I started to use this brush I think I do not need any other brush anymore this is totally help me for my daily routine. Hahaa..  I used it to all over my face. I found that this help me apply my powder evenly. Rather than that, if I'm on travelling which I don't like to bring too much brushes with me, this Real Techniques Retractable Kebuki Brush complete my daily routine. It also help to blend my concealer nicely especially underneath my eyes area, I will slightly push up the cover a bit forward so it will give much more dense in application and slowly blends the concealer nicely. After that, I will apply my powder using this brush also. really like it. I normally prefer to used brush when I apply powder because I think this help to keep a good coverage to my face and this does not look too cakey when you apply a powder on top of your base. Basically I use this brush for my face, as my face brush. 

This is the comparison of the size for the Real Techniques Kebuki Brush.

This brush totally fit in my makeup pouch nicely. I got this makeup pouch from Shiseido and I've been using this makeup pouch ever since I got it. Very practical to put in my handbag. Does not take so much space yet I can store so many things in it. It can fit most of my routine needs includes the Real Techniques Retractable Kebuki Brush. 

Some people things that this is not really necessary to have. And some are still doubt about is this brush is worth to have. But for me it is worth to have. I like it so much. This is becoming my essential product for me when ever I'm going out. Very practical and travel friendly. I hope my review and explanation will help you. If you have the same problem as mine. I hope this review also will solve your problem. Hope that you find this review very useful for you.

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  1. Good review~ I think it's gonna be really useful for traveling indeed..

    Cheers :)xx