Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beauty: NEESYA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover


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Girls, you must at least have one makeup remover on your personal collection. Especailly when you wearing makeup all day or just simple daily look makeup you need to remove it properly bofore you go to sleep right. If you don't remove your makeup before you sleep this might lead to a skin problem such as blocked pores, whiteheads, blackheads even worst is acne!! Arghhh! I know how the exactly feeling when your face suffered from Acne attack. Which I think my problem is different because of my unstable hormones I guess. Hahaa.. So, remember to keep you face clean from any impurities before you go to bed.

Here, I want to introduce my current favorite makeup remover that is NEESYA Eye & Lip Mekeup Remover.

This is how the packaging looks like.

This remover is an oil base remover. It is gentle to your skin and so far I have tried this remover does not cause any irritating effect on my skin especially on the eye area. You know right on how to remover your waterproof mascara is really hard and it is on the eye area. The formulation is specifically designed to remove the stubborn, waterproof makeup without rubbing on the delicate eye and lip area. NEESYA makeup remover is enriched with Sunflower Oil for anti-aging benefits helps to calming and emollient (moisturizing). It also have Pro-Vitamin B which help to softens and moisturises the eye especially on lashes.and lip area. Not just that, also come in Vitamin A, E and D that anti-oxidant & anti-free radical and prevents the effects of pre-mature aging. This active ingident helps for a better conditions and hydrates the skin leaving the eye area clean yet soothed. Most important it is not irritating. I hate the feeling for irritating makeup remover but NEESYA makeup remover doesn't do that. So, don't worry..

Price: RM49.00

 I normally will remove my makeup using a wet wipes. Yahhh! I'm using the baby wipes to remove my base gently and then using the opposite of the wet wipes I will put on a few drop of NEESYA Makeup Remover and I'm focusing on the eye area and then drop a few again for the lip area and Walllahhhh~ I'm done and go rinse and wash my face, take a bath and proceed with my night time routine. dap itu ini itu ini semualahhh~ Heee.. I hope my information is useful for you. 

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