Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WIW: Shamim Premium Flare


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone ;)

Outfit details:-
Shawl: Customade myself
Dress: Shamim Premium Misclaire
Handbag: New Look
Shoes: Vincci
Necklace: Forever 21

Can you see my excited face posing for this outfit post this time. Ahahahaa.. I know you can. GOSHH! It is been awhile since I make any outfit post on my blog. Since I just going to my kuliah everyday and do not go out wearing any fancy and proper outfit to share with but if you would like to know how I normally wear for my classes and how I look when I go for my classes? I will make another special post just for that but basically nothing special just a simple University girl outfit kinda..ngeee...

Okay forget about that, what I want to share is this beautiful dress. OMGG! I got this dress from Misclaire like long time ago. I didn't notice that I owned this beautiful dress. Honestly, this is my first time I'm wearing this dress since I got it. I've been keep this dress on my wardrobe since I always say I will wear you one fine and I finally did! I wear this dress to Kak Sabby's Wedding recently. Yeayyy! Kak Sabby dah kahwin. Will story about that later on...

This is called Shamim Premium Fishtail Dress. I choose this in black color. I super super love this dress. it is so comfortable and the design was amazingly stuning make me look slightly small and curvy. Like like like ! It come with variety of sizes if I'm not mistaken and different color as well. I love the texture of the material which is quality lace with kinda 3D look. Hahahaa... I don't know how to describe it properly thoo.. ngeee.. But you know what I mean right! If you are interested you can check out their website for more info and they selling like varieties of dress for plussize. Go check out now www.misclaire.com

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)