Monday, December 29, 2014

Shopping Haul: Year End Sales 2014


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How was you weekend! I hope you have a great weekend cause I do..ehee..
First of all, As we all know what happened to East Coast Malaysia [Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu] flooding and I heard news that North Malaysia [Kedah] starting to flooding cause in Malaysia currently raining non-stop. Condolence from me to all victim. I hope you all will stay strong and let's keep praying for the best from The Almighty and May you all will be blessed. Aminn..

Pin Up kinda look perhaps. Hahahaa..
After I've been "lock up" for a moment when I was in Melaka and I finally satisfy myself with shopping. I love shopping and who doesn't right. Unless when I start to think wiser and on a saving mood. well, I'm a student maaa.. Hehehee.. On Saturday I spend myself alone to Midvalley and Sunday I went to One Utama. Yahhh, For you information I can get out and shopping all my myself cause I get used to it and I don't like to cause any burden to anyone as well because when I start shopping I will ronda-ronda the whole shopping mall and then decide what I would like to buy and what worth to have unless I have my aim/target what I would like to purchase. If anyone willing to spend time with me when I'm shopping please put your hand up. Let's go shopping together..Ngeehee~

 Bangles and statement necklaces floral - Forever21. 
Statement Necklace Orange - Vincci Accessories 

 Both scarf from Vincci Accessories

 Pink bohemian top - Forever 21
Nude bird - H&M
Sheer kimono wrap - Forerver 21
Denim blouse - Brand Outlet

Brown wedges - Forever21
Chain Wedges - Vincci
Yellow Mustard Wedges - Vincci

Tadaaa~ As you can see I bought all this within 2 days. I'm so satisfied with my purchase. Basically all just for a normal and daily wearing except for necklace and wedges I guess. I will wear that when I have and event or any special occasion. As you can see most from Forever 21 and Vincci right! cause they have a massive sales. Everything turns cheap and I wish I can buy more some doesn't have my size. But it's okay, I'm happy with what I owned now. Can't wait to wear them and maybe I will do some lookpost. Heheee.. I guess that all what I would like to mumbling about. Remember to Stay safe everyone!


Thank you for reading this :)


  1. Hahaaha, same! I also like to 'jalan-jalan' alone when it comes to shopping.
    I'm the type who would think 1000x before buying..

  2. hopefully one day dapat pegi shopping dgn Pika, I am so hopeless when it comes to fashion XD

    1. Sure babe! anytime..Let me know yahh nanti..
      I love shopping and I love help people to choose what the best for them.

  3. Omg what a hopeless shopping haul for me hahahahhhahh bestnya kaya ughh nak kena kumpul duit ah cemni nk jd kaya ccantik mcm sis pika gak muuaahahahahha.

    1. Adududuu.. Not really la dear. ini pun penat nak kumpul duit ni plus that time ada sales. Ngeee..
      Btw, Thank you qila ;)