Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Foodies: Calanthe Art Cafe, Melaka


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone 

How was your day today? For me, I was soo excited yet not very but excited..hohoo.. Next week will be my study week. Wahhh~ how fast times flies right. My Final examination is around the corner. I have to do some study preparation before I planning something fun for my semester break [Starting on 18 Jan 2015]. As usual, I never used my study week to study..ehee.. I will normally just chillex and enjoy my moment at home before I'm ready for a "war" eheee.. Whatever lahh ~

As for today I want to share about Foodies. Yummyumm.. This is actually a late post Like a very very late one. Since I already go to this place like a few month ago. Have you heard about Calanthe Art Cafe that located in Melaka before? Same goes here. Sepp sikit! I know about this Calanthe Art Cafe from my friend. Thank you Along for introduce to me this cafe. I find out this cafe is quite well-known in Melaka. It is like Baba Nyonya style cafe where it is designed with a lot of different style. From the main entrence you can see the style of cafe until you reach inside you see that the decoration is interesting. 

Menu book. You can find like soo many drinks to choose from until you don't know which one you want to try first. Once the menu arrived I was so blurrr to choose my drink. Hahahaaa...

There you go, some decoration in this Cafe, Very unique and show some different compare to others. 

Full shoot view for our meals that day.

I choose Calanthe Laksa. I totally recommend for you to try this. It taste so delicious and the portion also in a huge amount which you will be satisfied with your choice and kenyang! The price for this is RM10.45

After a long wait of thinking which drink should I choose, I made my decision to choose Mocha Cookies. The taste is basically a blended ice mocha together with cookies. Price for this is RM11.95

We definitely enjoy our meals. Alhamdulillah :)
and for your information, there will be a Service charge of 6% from your order.

So, here we are at the entrance of this Calanthe Art Cafe.
If you come to Melaka, don't forget to try here and have some chit chat with your friend.

Thats all from me today,
Wahh, rasa lapar pulak sekarang ni..errrr~~

Till then, Byeee..

Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. I went to Calanthe Art Cafe a few months ago with my lecturer from UiTM Lendu and she also told me to try the laksa. Boy it was delicious! The deco is unique and it feels like home kan ^_^

  2. unik kedai dia, ingatkan kt rumah mana td.. hehe

  3. wow, never been here before even though i'm studying in melaka. will definitely try! Mocha cookies tu nampak sedap! :p