Thursday, April 10, 2014

Product Review: Mary Kay Bronzing and Highlight Powder


Hello sweeties,
How are you darlings doing? I feel excited right now because my mid-term break is around the corner I was excited to be at my home sweet home..Alhamdulillah My Kuliah here feels good..and of course what a student without an excessive assignment and stress right..By the way, for those who just follow me yes, I am still a student..hehee..I may look older than my age..aigoo aigooo...

Today I want to make another product review..I want to review about a product that being given to me last a few month..I finally want to review about this product and I will do my best in term of reviewing and yes, I am using a simple english language so everyone can understand because I was not good with english language as well..this is how I want to improve my english..
InShaaAllah :)

The product I mention before was Mary Kay Bronzing and Highlight Powder...The first I get this I was impress with their packaging..means the parcel I got with a cute goodies bag..LOVE LOVE..this is how you want to appreciate your customers right :)

If you follow me on instagram you will notice I posted this picture a few month ago...

So, let's start with the review....

this is how the packaging when I received this product...
you can customize it..

ohh ya, If you never heard of Mary Kay before..It is a beauty product that you can customized according to your wants and will also have your Beauty Consultant if you using their product ...It is definitely a Trusted Brand..Mary Kay also offer you to be a very successful Beauty Consultant and you can earn an extra money from it..If you interested you can refer and find any Mary Kay Consultant out there..InShaaAllah, they will help you :)

This is what I mean by customize you can easily find the best compact from Mary Kay
 It is perfectly fit in any Mary Kay compact

This is how the Bronzing and Highlight powder looks like..

Ever since I have started to learn on how to contour and bronzing I started loving it and everytime I want to go out with friends and hangout, I normally will apply bronzing..Mary Kay Bronzing is powder type and can help to contour you face where it an create dimension and give the illusion of shimmer features..basically Bronzing is to add warmth tone on your face..where you can see the different on your cheeks, nose and chine area...By the way..for bronzer you can get with two different shade that is LIGHT-MEDIUM and MEDIUM-DARK shades..choose what suitable for your skin tone..

What a bronzing without Highlight am I right??.. Mary Kay Highlight is also base with powder where you can apply above your cheeks and brows..and not to forget to bridge of the nose and also can help to brighten entire also will help to enchance your bronzing tecniques and make you face more dimension and give illusion..cewahhh...highlight also where you can apply on your inner corners of your eyes to make it more brighten and big eyes effect..

This is me wearing Mary Kay Bronzing and Highlight Powder...
The bronzing powder can give you the sun-kissed glow you crave without damaging skin through sun exposure and the Highlight will enhance you face dimension..Perfect Combination :)

Overall, with this Mary Kay Bronzing and Highlight Powder you can creates a natural-looking look and it will add some warmth to tone you face..Mary Kay Bronzing and Highlight powder have luminous pearl finish and it is easy to applied and your skin will not looks dry..Bronzer is best application for it when you used you bronzing brush or kabuki brush to apply all over the face, to contour or to add a  "touch of sun" almost anywhere...

Hope you like my review..any comment or suggestion please let me know and write on a comment box down below :)

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. love seeing how you wear it dear! i need to learn more on how to apply highlight and bronzer :)

    1. Thank you mieza...
      you will be amazed with the result once you try it.hehehe
      GOOD LUCK!

  2. Is this very shimmery? I like I to contour but need a matte bronzer for that. I also cannot find the highlighter on the website so I'm hoping my consultant can get it!

  3. Is this bronzer very shimmery? I like to contour with my bronzer and so I need a matte bronzer for that. If this had a lot of shimmer, maybe it would make a good blush for me. Although I don't usually use blush that's too shimmery either. I can't find the highlighter on the website so I hope my consultant can get it!! :-(