Sunday, April 06, 2014

Product Review: Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Magic Lotion


Hello Sweeties,

I want to review a product that based in Malaysia made in Malaysia that is Cosmoderm..the range of cosmoderm product i want to review is Tea Tree Oil of my favorite product from this range was Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Magic Lotion..why it is called Magic?? Let me tell you why...if you interested about this product and you want to find something that suitable for you body odour..Keep on reading.... 

This is how the packaging looks like..

Product Details:-
Product Name: Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Magic Lotion
Nett: 125ml
Made in: Malaysia

 It is function as deodorant and solve skin problems like fungi infection.. It also helps to reduce and soothe body acne, rash, fungal and bacterial infection even sunburn..It also function as a natural deodorant for all day freshness..Can helps to keep freshness on your armpit and make it fairer by remove all dead skin ..

This is how the lotion looks is in a white liquid foam 

>> Not tested on animals
>> For external use only
>> Made in Malaysia
>> Get Certificate of Halal from JAKIM and GMP

Direction for use:-

Apply onto clean dry skin after shower you don’t have to massage so frequently just simply apply it..

My Review;
1) First of all it does helps to smooth you skin
2) It is can use to protect your body odour 
3) Can feel the freshness like mint cool on your skin after apply it
4) Not sticky on you skin just smooth and soft
5) The smell is like a freshness of tea tree oil which is good for your body odour
6) Enrich with Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and E for extra moisture..


Where to Buy:-
Guardian, Vitacare, Alpro, Agent Retailer, or

Hope you like my review about this Magic Lotion by Cosmoderm..this lotion is good for those who have problem with body odour and it can keep your skin freshness all day long..

Here I want to share some of great news for all...!!

Starting this 1st April 2014, you can join this contest by Cosmoderm just simple share a picture of you BEFORE and AFTER using Tea Tree Cosmoderm to show your transformation of using the products from Tea Tree osmoderm..

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Share you transformation and send it to for you to stand a chance win CASH, TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE WORTH RM5000, Stand a chance to be THE FACE of Cosmoderm Product and special dinner with the Tea Tree Cosmoderm 2014 ambassador, Amri Yahya

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Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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  1. Hai awkk... kita baru nk try pakai cosmoderm. agak2 produk lain ok x?