Saturday, April 12, 2014

Product Review: FARMASI Soft Touch 4 Color Eyeshadow (01)


Hello Sweeties!

Eyeshadow reviewing time!! YEAYY!
I want to review about Farmasi Soft Touch 4 Color Eyeshadow..
Farmasi is well-known brand for Cosmetics in Malaysia where it get a lot of support from customers especailly Muslim because it is Halal and easy to apply and remove especially when we want to preform our solat..So, I decide to review about this eyeshadow and hope you will like it..I do simple review or quick review about this eyeshadow...

This eyeshadow consist of 4 coordinating colors..It also claims that it can provide maximum coverage with highly pigmented formula..It also ensure radiance all day long..The best tips is to apply the lightest shade to the upper part of the inner eyelid, then blend the darkest shade a long the last line..for more intensity use the bold color under the lashes..

I get this and really excited because I can try something new here! 
Previously I have their eyeshadow Farmasi Terracotta Harmony do check out HERE..

Product Details:-
Product Name: Farmasi Soft Touch Color Eyeshadow
Code: 01
Shade:4 shade of purple
Made in: Turkey

I like their packaging..
The case it really look compact and light in weight..because it is made with really light weight plastic compact
event it is easier to bring on your handbag..

There is no specific name to each color but I just simple describe it according to their colors

the swatch for this eyeshadow..
I was impressed when I was first time swatch this eyeshadow ..woww, the color really good and with a little amount of swatch the color already pop out..but you need to apply primer for the best result

Picture do show that this eyeshadow real pigmented but it be better if you apply together with your eyeshadow primer because the color cannot stay at longer period..


Where to Buy:-

Thank you for this prize Hishop..I won this Eyeshadow when I entered their contest a few month ago on Facebook..I won the third place by just simply like, comment an share..It is worth yahh..I go pick up this prize at Hishop office at Damansara Perdana glad it is nearby my house..)

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. the purple hues are gorgeous! suka tengok hasil pika apply and blend on your eyelids ^_^

  2. sweet purple! cantik :)
    akak ngeri sikit pakai purple since i've bad dark circle. so kalau pakai purple, nampak lebam di mata dik.

    takut orang ingat kena tumbuk dengan laki ke apa? hahahaha :)