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The Face Shop Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream | review

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Let's talk about sunscreen/ sunblock. I got furious when I heard that there are still people out there who didn't apply sunscreen/sunblock on daily basis. Even among my friends they didn't understand how important it is to apply sunscreen as a protection to their skin and the benefit for long-term skin youthfulness.

Recently I discover this two Sunscreens from The Face Shop, and I'm kinda excited to share my review about these two and what is the different..

THE FACE SHOP Power Long-Lasting Tone Up Sun - Pink (50m): The main reason why I want to try this sunscreen is because I don't want to apply foundation on daily basis and this Tone Up Sunscreen kinda give the idea of naturally toned up your skin tone yet provide protection to your skin so I don't really have to apply foundation every time I go out except for special occasion. 

Price: RM98.90

THE FACE SHOP Power Long Lasting Moisture Sun Cream (50ml): On my second purchase, I got another one that focuses on moisture because I have dry skin, and I believe that applying extra moisture product would be great for my skin. It is not like the Pink version, it is more like a gel-moisture type sunscreen, but it corrects skin tone with extra moisture. 

Price: RM98.90

This is the texture of both sunscreen


left: THE FACE SHOP Power Long-Lasting Tone Up Sun - Pink 

It comes in a light pink-colored sunscreen to toned up your skin tone with strong UV protection level which is 50+, PA++++. This pink colored sunscreen can help to cover up any dull skin tone, but I only recommend this for those with light-to-medium skin-tone only. In this sunscreen they also include Niacinamide for a brightening effect on the skin 

right: THE FACE SHOP Power Long Lasting Moisture Sun Cream

You can see the texture more like a blue-ish color in the picture, but when you apply and blend it on the skin, it appears more like a natural beige shade. This sunscreen contains Sunflower Sprout Extract 600 ㎍ that certified by ECO-CERT. It claims to be a waterproof sunscreen that is blocks UVA and UVB rays, of course with SPF50+ PA+++. Best as a skin-color-corrector and primer as well. 

My review:-

left: THE FACE SHOP Power Long-Lasting Tone Up Sun - Pink 

My first impression about this sunscreen is not that good because it is kinda hard to blend on the skin, maybe because I have dry skin, and this sunscreen has matte-finishing. Thus, I find a solution to make this sunscreen blend-able to my skin, which is I mix this sunscreen with another gel-type sunscreen before I apply it to my skin. Then, I discover the magical of it, it works wonderful on my skin, and I don't really have to apply foundation on a daily basis. Wee~ I recommend this for oily-skin type people, and if you have dry skin, you can mix it with any gel-type sunscreen or moisturizer. It does toned-up and even-out my skin tone and provides protection at the same time. 

right: THE FACE SHOP Power Long Lasting Moisture Sun Cream

This sunscreen would be a good choice for dry-skin types (like me) because it does provide moisture to our skin. Thanks to the smooth-cream texture, it makes it easier for application. It blends wonderfully and is suitable for any skin tone. I like to apply this on a daily basis even when I'm at home as a protection to my skin. It is also one of the good sunscreens and also a primer before you apply foundation. If you have dry-skin type, you can give this sunscreen a try. 

Overall, I'm glad that both sunscreens work wonderful on my skin. It doesn't cause any irritation or cause break-out on me. As for the PINK version, I used it every time I'm going out as a substitute for foundation (so I don't have to apply foundation every day) and as for the BLUE one, I used it on a daily basis. Both have daily proof formula that comfortably embraces the skin without irritation.

Availability: At any The Face Shop stores, The Face Shop Website, ZALORA and Lazada

How to apply Sunscreen??

Apply it on top of skincare and underneath makeup throughout the day to prevent sunburn and premature aging. You also need to properly remove it with double cleansing every night. Iohpe this helps.

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