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Ratasya Cosmetics "Bee Edition" Lip Matte | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Have you heard about new local beauty brand called Ratasya Comestics yet?? 
This brand is owned by Malaysian Popular singer, Siti Sarah. She is well-known with with powerful vocal and every song she sings sound great! Not only she's a Malaysian Singer, she is also an entrepreneur where she have a few businesses that she set-up with her husband, Malaysian popular comedian, Shuib SepahTu. 

I've been following this couple in the past years and I find that they are one of the sweetest couple ever! They proves that you can be successful when you met the right person that always with you and support you no matter what. If you know their love story.. damnnn... you going to be love them even more.. Hehehee.. They went from zero to hero!

Okay, in this post, I'm not going to talk about how sweet they are.. Hahahaa.. I'm going to share about Ratasya Cosmetics Lip Matte that I've try recently. Well, to be honest, I'm not a fan of Lip Matte because my lips is super-dry and when it dry it's get itchy! Thus, I've been avoiding Lip Matte for quite sometimes. 

This is how Ratasya Cosmetics Lip Matte in "Bee Edition" packaging looks like

The reason why I kinda wanna try this Lip Matte is because they claimed that this Lip Matte contains HONEY as the main ingredients which I bet everyone knows how honey is good for our lips. 

It also claims that this lip matte will not let your lip dries off too much as it doesn't contains harmful chemical in it. For Ratasya Lip Matte "Bee Edition" they have 4 shades but I only have 2 shades with me and I'm going to share my opinion about this Lip Matte.
SET Cerana
- Manuka
- Kelulut

SET Dorsata
- Yaman
- Akasia

Close-up look on the Lip Matte packaging

SET Cerana
- Manuka
- Kelulut

Packaging: Each colors comes in this small tubes not like how regular Lip Matte will be. The size is like a mini size of Lip Matte in the market. Which I think kinda clever because to be honest, no one will able to finish up their Lip Matte in a Deluxe size right. They take an alternative where They come out with small tube packaging where people can try a bunch of different color and able to finish it before it gets expires. It is easy to bring along in the purse as well. But every people have different preferences as some people like the deluxe size as for me I'm fine with the size of this lip matte. 

Main ingredients:-
- Honey Extract
- Beeswax
- Royal Jelly

Colors: The color selection as I notice that they have 4 different shades that very straight forward like 1 nude color, 1 pink color, 1 red color and 1 maroon color. Based on the colors that they come out with. I guess they made some research on what colors do Malaysian normally wear and they don't got overboard and end up wasting their stocks. Because I notice that Malaysian only will stick with the colors they like and they will only stick to it for a long time. Most Malaysian girls like to have that Natural Nude lip color so they have that "Natural" looks. 

Texture: It have creamy texture when you apply and it glides smoothly on the lips. It may take times to dries off so you still can fix any smudge you have before it dries off. The color opaque kinda good as with one swatch it can cover up pretty well. 

Here's some ingredients details that they share on the packaging. Make sure you read the ingredients first before purchase to ensure that you have no-allergy reaction to it.

Lip Swatches:-

It is a bold Red-Maroon color that suitable for all skin tones. I love Red Color Lippies especially when they are the day you feel to boost up your confident even more!

Beautiful Nude Lippie, I'm not a fan of Nude Lippie color but this shade seriously beautiful ! It doesn't make me look pale yet it kinda enhance my lip features even more. Lurveee~

Finishing/ Longevity: It will dries on matte on the lip with no sticky or uncomfortable feeling on the lips as long as you prep your lips well. It last on me up to 4-5 hours (well, I don't wear lippies more than 6 hours usually because I have to take it off to perform a solat). There will be a little bit transfer which I think that's pretty fine because you know the lip matte have that hydrating ingredient to it.

Price: RM37/ box (2 colors)
Availability: @ratasyacosmetixs_

DISCLAIMER: Review are totally based on my personal opinion and experience using this lip matte. I always love to support local brand and if you want to featured my photo please TAG/ CREDIT back to me @syafiqahhashimxoxo . Most importantly! please DO NOT USED my photo for advertising purpose. Thank you..

Till then, xoxo

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