Saturday, August 29, 2020

Malaysian Slang Exhibition @The LINC KL

 Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last Sunday, I spend some quality time with my friends at The LINC KL and guess whatt??? 

Now they're having Malaysian Slangs Exhibition with the theme of #MYSlangMYPride which I find it soo COOL! Because I never thought that people would acknowledge this Slang Language that we obviously used it in our daily life. 

This Exhibition is happening from 15 August until 20 September 2020 in conjunction of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. This is where they celebrating how awesome Malaysia Multi-cultural diversity with our own unique every-day slang.

100 curated Slangs words are beautifully designed by @MySlangBank’s collective of designers, art directors and writers with inspirations from childhood memories, local folklore, and Malaysian elements. 

What to expect when you can to Malaysian Slang Exhibition at The LINC KL?

 1) #MYSLANGMYPride Malaysian Slang Exhibition 

They showcase up to 100 curated Slangs words, beautifully designed with local and modern inspiration. This is COOL guys! You even heard of some new slang you never heard before and they even labeled the meaning of each Slang! So, guess what?? I learnt a few new Slang that day! WEE~

 DATE: 15 August - 20 September 2020

TIME: 10am-10pm (Daily)

VENUE: Level 2, Event Space (Origami Rainbow Dove Area)

*Free Admission.

You're not Malaysian enough if you haven't use this slangs.. daaa~

with all those sentap words.. Hahahaa

I was enjoying the time and learning some new Slang I never heard before and the meaning..

I bet most of you used this frequently !

and moree..

Not only that the showcase the 100 Slang with the meaning but they also display it in an unique way where it is so artistry and beautiful. Each drawing have their own meaning as well. I love it and I bet if you're someone that into art this is definitely for you !

 2) Artisan Weekend Workshops 

On weekend, You can join the Artisan Workshop where they have art workshop for those we enthusiastic to learn on doing art. It is open for public and they received overwhelming response from the crowd for every workshops. 

DATE: 15 August to 20 September 2020 (held every weekend)

VENUE: Level 2, Beside Rahim x Nik (In front of Origami Rainbow Dove Area)

They have 4 workshops and you can choose which workshop that you like but make sure you check the date as every weekend they have different workshop accordingly. 


Hand Embroidery Pouch Workshop (RM80/pax): 

15 August 2020 (Saturday) &  12 September 2020 (Sunday), 3pm to 5pm

Batik Workshop for Kids & Adults (RM40/pax) & Adults (RM80/pax): 

16 & 23 August (Sunday), 31 August (Monday), 13 & 20 Sept (Sunday), 3pm to 5pm

Architecture Sketch Art on Canvas Workshop (RM130/pax): 

22 & 29 August (Saturday) & 5 September (Saturday), 2pm to 5pm

Bamboo Fabric Patchwork Apron Workshop (RM80/pax): 

30 August (Sunday) & 19 September (Saturday), 3pm to 5pm

They day that I come they're having Batik Workshops that open for Kids & Adult.

Look how everyone are into making Batik Art

And the kids enjoy it soo much

wait... the result is beautiful little siss.. 
This is one way you can see how creative your kids is

Ehemm... Pika DaVinci in action :P

 3)  Pop-up Market Weekend Bazaar 

They also have Pop-up Market Bazaar every weekend featuring the homegrown brands and entrepreneurs which is soo coll and they selling products ranging from local products, artisanal pieces, fashion items, handmade accessories and more.

Malaysian Makers Artisan Bazaar: 

21-23 August 2020 (Fri - Sun), 11am – 9pm, Level 1, Centre Courtyard & Indoor

Merdeka Slang Showcase Pop Up Market: 

28-31 August 2020 (Fri - Mon), 11am – 9pm, Level 1, Centre Courtyard & Indoor

Traders Market: 

11-13 September 2020 (Fri - Sun), 11am – 7pm, Level 1, Centre Courtyard

 4) Instagramable Spots  

Well, once you arrived at The LINC KL, you'll notice beautiful spots at every angle and most of the are Instagramable !! I really like the architecture and design-wise of this Mall. They kinda up-to-date with current trend which people are now on social media most of the time and they make sure everyone get the warmth welcome the moment you enter it.

If you happens to be around The LINC KL area, make sure to check-out the one-and-only Malaysian Slang Exhibition. Bring along your family and friend to enjoy their Weekend Workshops and Weekend Bazaar. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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