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#CutiCutiMalaysia Kuala Lumpur NEW NORM - PART 1

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last week.. Finally! Mark as my first vacation/ holiday after PKP. Walaupun percutian hanya di Kuala Lumpur (20-30 mins from my house) but it was great short escape. I really need to explore things now after being "lock-down" myself at home for about 3 months. Woww! But now, our government has announced that we have to live in a NEW NORM style. We have to practice safety measures and follow SOP provided it is for our own safety and health purpose. 

I would like to show my gratitude to Malaysia Tourism for inviting me to join this fun trip. Thank you for the opportunity given and now I gain more knowledge on the interesting places located at KL. Most places are new to me and I'm excited to share my experience with you guys. Hehee..

 Check-in EQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

During MCO, I briefly talking about this hotel with my friend and I can't believe that I get to stay at this fancy hotel for this trip as my first Staycation after MCO. Alhamdulillah! Hehee.. I must say.. The service of this hotel is tiptop from the moment you arrived until you check-out.

EQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is now back operating as usual (after MCO) but of course with the new norm following SOP. This hotel located near the Petronas Twin Towers and walk from Menara Kuala Lumpur. Well, you can expect to see wonderful view from every angle when you stay here.

Not only they offer great service but they also provides extensive range of facilities from restaurant, a chic top-floor eatery, plus a warm lounge and a rooftop bar, outdoor pool, a spa and a gym, along with event space. But some area/ space are closed until our government announce it. If you drive here they also provided free parking for the guest. 

ROOM TOUR jommm...
We stay at King Premier with KLCC view at floor 46 and the view was stunning!

Each room complete with  free Wi-Fi, minibars, flat-screen TVs, tea and coffeemakers, safes and so much more.. I'm impressed!

Super comfy bed

We really enjoy our stay at EQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur!

They really follow all safety measures and SOP to ensure all guest are safe and they keep every room entry for 48-hours after they accept another guest to check-in. woww.. 

For more info/ booking visit:-
INSTAGRAM: @EQkualalumpur

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 Aquaria KLCC 

The first place we visit is Aquaria KLCC! WEEE~
AquariaKLCC aquarium is located beneath the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I've been here before with my family and it was fun discovery and learns about fish and others aqua animals. They finally announced that they are now OPEN to the public! YEAYYY~

To ensure you get to enjoy the SEA-venture, they quite strict regarding safety measure such as cleaning and disinfectant, contact-free greeting, wear face protection mask, temperature screening, providing hand sanitizer, social distance sticker guide and follow SOP. You have to step on the stickers on the floor to ensure your social distance. They also will limit the amount of visitor per entry so that it is not crowded.

You still can enjoy seeing and learning about your favorite fish and others underwater animals.

 Aquaria KLCC houses over 250 different species and over 5,000 land and aquatic animals from Malaysia and around the world! Features 60,000 square feet (5,600 m2) in two levels with a 90-metre (300 ft) underwater tunnel, Interactive information kiosks on fish and turtle conservation. Every place will be well-cleaning and disinfectant regularly. 

Keep your distance and follow SOP provided to ensure your safety.  

It is the time for you to enjoy the journey of water from the land to the sea. It is starts in the misty highlands, down through rivers, through the rainforest and mangroves to the coral reefs into the deep blue sea.

Now you can bring your family for a SEA-venture at Aquaria KLCC !

Operation Hours: Monday-Sunday (10AM - 7PM)

Entrance Fee:- 
Adult: RM71 (RM49 - mykad holder)
Child: RM61 (RM39 - mykad holder)


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

 KL Birds Park 

Next, we get to explore KL Bird Park! To be honest, this is actually my first time coming to KL Bird Park eventhought I live in KL area. LOL! Hahhaa.. Thus, I'm pretty excited to explore this place. KL Bird Park has been a renowned eco-tourism destination a 20.9-acre (8.5 ha) public aviary situated right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is also one of popular tourist attraction so it is a must to come here!

They also practice safety measure for all visitor here. You have to scan bar code, check your body temperature and keep your social distance. 

Make sure you follow the SOP here


What so special in here is that most of the birds are let free in the aviary which closely resembles their natural habitat.   With this free-flight concept, birds are able to breed naturally in this unique environment. The park is divided into 4 zones; Zone 1 and 2 make up the free-flight zone; Zone 3 is the Hornbill Park and Zone 4 is where the birds are placed in separate cages and mini aviaries.

Look how excited we are seeing birds fly freely

The availability of numerous suitable nesting sites; bountiful sources of fallen leaves, branches and twigs makes KL Bird Park a highly conducive environment for breeding. Further proof of this would be the year after year of successful breeding seasons.

They have more than 3,000 birds representing more than 200 species in an enclosed aviary. 

About 90% are local birds and 10% were imported from countries such as Australia, China, Holland, Indonesia, New Guinea, Tanzania and Thailand.

You'll have an  exciting experience of watching colourful and melodic birds perching and winging about freely while relaxing in a natural and beautifully landscaped surrounding. We also jakun seeing rare birds flying and stay next to us.. eheee..

Operation Hours: Monday-Sunday (9AM - 6PM)

Entrance Fee:- 
Adult: RM64 (RM25 - mykad holder)
Child: RM42 (RM6 - mykad holder)

INSTAGRAM: @KLBirdparkMalaysia

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

 Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail 

It's dinner time !! Yeayyy~

For dinner we went to Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail, one of hot place for local & tourist to dine-in at Kuala Lumpur. It is considered as Malaysian Heritage restaurant because it is owned by Chef Dato' Chef Ismail (Malaysia Celebrity Chef) & Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (Malaysia 1st astronaut): both are public figure that well-known in Malaysia.

At the restaurant, you have to follow the SOP where you need to fill your details, check your temperature, and social distancing. Each table were set apart from each other.

We get to try the popular dish that served in the restaurant like laksa, asam pedas and more.

Operation Hours: 10AM - 10PM

INSTAGRAM: @rebung_taman_botani

It was so much fun that I get to discover interesting attraction around Kuala Lumpur area. Alhamdulillah everything went well as we follow SOP and stay safe all the time and now everyone can tour around with no worries. Malaysia is SAFE! Jom #CutiCutiMalaysia ~

I will continue my journey #CutiCutiMalaysia exploring Kuala Lumpur on my next post
Stay Tuned !

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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