Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Why we need to DETOX?

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Some of you might familiar with detox and some of you might not..
Detox is a process of removing toxins from the body where you allow your body to "reboot" and this also will leads to improve of your health. Some people also claim that you can lose weight when you detox and implement the right diet for your body.

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When you detox, your body will starts to eliminating toxins in your liver, kidneys, digestives system, skin and lungs.They will removing all the unwanted substance in your body and this will also increase your body health. This is the main reason why you need to start detox.

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Ways you can detox is 
1. Fasting (min 1-3 days)
2. Drink more water (min 2L/day)
3. Drink fresh fruits juice, tea and vegetable drinks
3. Eliminate food with heavy metals, contaminants and allergens
4. take herbs or supplements.

Since Malaysia Government announce the MCO (Movement Control Order), my eating habit has been out of control.. You know what I mean.. Makan.. makan.. and more makan.. Hahhaaa.. Now it is the time for me to start detox my body. Speaking of supplement for detox, I was introduced to Leedee Tox Peach Jelly. I'm that type of person who doesn't rely on supplement (except for vitamins) that much so I don't put much expectation on this.

This is how Leedee Tox Peach Jelly packaging looks like. 

On my first day consume Leedee Tox I am amaze on how this Leedee Tox works! I consume it at night before sleep and the next morning when I wake up it is easy for me to membuang/pooping.. huhuhuu

In one box contains 10 sachets (for 10 days)

Benefits of Leedee Tox 
1. Improving bowel movement
2. Help with constipation
3. Reduce toxins in the body
4. Helps to lose weight
5. Beautify the skin
6. Increase stamina
7. Contains Vitamin C

Peach Juice, Acai Berry, Green Tea, African Mango, Raspberry, Stevia (no white sugar)

Direction: Take one sachet before sleep. Keep it in refrigerator to make it tastier. 

It comes in jelly type texture and easy to consume. Did I mention it taste good too! 

My experience consumes Leedee Tox for 10 days was good. The immediate result that I get when consume Leedee Tox is that I senang nak berak every morning. Dia bukan berak yang biasa-biasa tu tapi memang keluar all out gitu.. Hahahaaa.. I know it sound weird but that's how I feel.. Huhuu.. If you're someone that needs to be detox, you can try Leedee Tox and experience it yourself. Kalau korang yang ada masalah sembelit pun sesuai untuk consume Leedee Tox ni..  InshaAllah process pembuangan tu berjalan lancar. 

Price: RM65
Availability: Whatsapp - +60 17 679 7270 or

Leedee Tox testimoni

For more info about Leedee Tox do visit:-
Instagram: @leedee.hq
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