Friday, November 29, 2019

Glamping at Lost World Of Tambun experience

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

On September, I had a chance to experience Glamping at Lost World Of Tambun for 3D2N ! It was a great experience for me where I get to stay in a tent but the service is like you're staying at hotel. One-of-a-kind experience that I think everyone must try once in their lifetime. GITCHUU! Hehehee..

Glamping is referring to camping but in glam ways. Hehhee.. where you get to stay in touch with nature with the fuss of pitching a tent. Everything is ready for you and can simply pack your stuff like you're stay at the hotel. This is one of the best idea for you if you  feels like run away from the hustle busy city and get back to nature but in proper way. 

This is our tent. 
From outside it may looks like a regular tent view but the inside is fully equipped with facilities you need. 

The glamping area is located near by nature where you will feels like you're really in nature but in a clean and neat way. You can hear the sound of nature clearly here. The moment you arrived you can choose which tent you prefer as each tent pitched on different area as each tent gives a different view. This is also depends on availability. 

I'm ready! 

They have the net cover to avoid from insects especially mosquito. 

Facilities that have like lights, fan, power sockets. cabinet/clothes rail with mirror, hotel amenities, towels, toiletries, shoe rack and also Free WiFi. I pack my towel along during this trip because I'm not sure if they have towel or not. LOL me! 

Chillin' in the tent while enjoying the nature view and sound.

They have two side where the left side they have queen beds and the right side is 2 single beds. 

King Bed 

2 single beds

hotel amenities

Each tent have this table area where you can sit down and relax or do any activities you like. 

This is the shower room and toilet. Located just a minute's walk from your tent. They are clean and well-equipped with heater and hair dryer. In the shower room they have 3 shower section and as for toilet they have 2 toilets. Of course... there will be Female and Male section separated. 

Here some other tents that located at different area.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. 

The scenery and environment around Glamping Area:- 

They provides buggy service for all glamping guest. 


Boga Lake area

You can try kayak, zipline, and other activities here as well. You can always ask the staff as they are very friendly and always ready to attend your inquiries. I can say that the service here tiptop!

Night time view

They have tiger doll on every trash can as this is to scared the monkey. 

the night vibes.

Glamping area located walking distance from the Amusement Park, Water Park and Petting Zoo Park. It is open for all glamping guess within the operation hours. At night you also can enjoy the Hot Spring Park which is my most favorite part at Lost World of Tambun. I can sure you will hit 10k step in a day if you walking-around Lost World Of Tambun area. It is indeed huge and fun!

Price for Glamping at Lost World Of Tambun:-
More info and booking you can visit

I'm kinda miss this moment already! ;)
Overall, my experience glamping at Lost World Of Tambun was Ahhh-mazing! I'd like to recommend for you to experience Glamping at Lost World Of Tambun as well. Make sure bring along your family and friends. It's going to be more fun! Hehehee.. During our stays, we able to do some activity like Gua Datok trail, 6th Mile Tunnel Caving, Night Hoy Spring and more. I will share it on another post yeah.. Stay tuned!

Till then, xoxo

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