Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water | review

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YEAYYYY.. I'm back!!! Hahahaa.. 

I've been wanting to share this post before I went for a holiday (Bromo, Indonesia) but I didn't get the chance and keep on delays things this and that. Anyway, I'm backkkk! Hehehee..If you followed me in Instagram you probably already notice that I've shared regarding this essence that I'm obsess with. Hehehee.. 

This is the essence that I'm obsess with right now. I've been recommend this to my family and friend offline Hahhaaa.. Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water is an essence water that Formulated with 98% of gold power and contains a precious Japanese rose extract, also known as Eijitsu. At first, I don't put too much hope to it.. I bought it because I run out essence and would like to try this essence instead. Plus at that time Guardian having 40% off for skincare.. I grab this essence right away. When I apply this I already fall in love with it because of the supple texture it gives to my skin. 

Net Weight: 100ml

Packaging: I will give an A for the packaging wise. So classy for an essence packaging. Thumbs up!  I love the color coordination plus it used glass bottle where you can see the gold flakes in it. It feels like holding high-end skin care. Hehehee.. 


Bio Energy Complex™ is our unique formula that transforms the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself. By enhancing the in-take of oxygen, it helps the skin breathe, changing cells from inactive to energised state. This dramatically increases the absorption of precious bio-ingredient - 24K Gold to make your skin look healthier, more radiant and beautiful.

24K Gold has been widely used by ancient royalties as a powerful anti-oxidant that protects skin against free radical damage, thereby slowing down first signs of ageing. It is also infused with Bio Energy Complex™ to form 24K Bio-Gold, which gets absorbed into the skin more effectively for a lasting natural radiance from within. 

The unique Japanese rose extract, Eijitsu, which has been extracted and filtered several times for optimal purity helps to quench skin with ample hydration and refine pores so that skin feels petal-soft. 

Texture: The texture of this essence is lightweight and easy to absorb. I always used the patting motion so that the essence absorbs properly onto the skin. This essence will give hydration to the skin instantly. 

Direction: Use twice daily - every morning and night. After cleansing, pour sufficient amount onto palm, apply evenly on face and neck and pat gently until fully absorbed. Suitable for all skin types

My verdict:-
I think my skin loveeee this essence. Hehehee... The lightweight texture really a plus and it absorb pretty well onto the skin.Using tapping mottion when apply is the best as your skin will penetrate the essence even better. I also like that it gives an instant hydration and bouncy effect right after application. I really like it. Sometimes, if I'm too lazy to prep my skin.. I simply apply this essence on its own and I;m ready! Hehehee.. My skin is oily-combination so it is kinda tricky to handle because it can get oilier or drying.. I'm glad that this essence kinda balance my skin condition a little bit and keep it hydrated thoughtout the day. I also notice that my makeup look more healthier and not "crack" that much as I believe this essence does play some roles as to keep my skin hydrated. I always bring this along during travel as I don't really bring all my skincare during travel I like to keep it minimize as possible but this essence must be one of it. Heheheee. Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water helps to achieves rosy smooth skin with rose extract and delays your first signs of ageing. It will locks in moisture for long hours and replenishes moisture. This will hydrates your skin skin and to reduce appearance of fine lines

Right: NEW bottle
Middle: Currently used and almost run out. Used about 3-4 months
Left: small bottle of this essence where I bring along during travel. But the Small bottle only available at Watsons Outlet only. 

Price: RM75.90
Availability: Guardian, Watsons, any leading pharmacy

Overall, I'm glad that this essence suits my skin. The ingredients also superb and does keep your skin feel smooth and nourishing. Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water suitable for women and men. But before you try, make sure you check the ingredient ensure that you're not allergic to any of it yeah.. Because I also get feedback that this essence doesn't works for them but so far it works for me.

Till then. xoxo

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