Thursday, September 19, 2019

Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Mascara | review

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Everybody is seeking for coveted full and fanned-out lash look! I mean like SIAPA TAK NAKKK! Hehehee.. Recently Avon launches NEW Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Mascara. This mascara claims give ultimate lash look with full volume, lengthens, lifting, precise, and dramatic finish. Practically like all-you-need for your lashes.

It's been awhile since I saw mascara with varieties of color other than black. Hehehee.. If feels like good to be back! Gitchuuu.. The new Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Mascara comes in 3 different shades that is Blackest Black, Black Brown and Navy. DAYUMMM! I'm excited when I saw the navy color.. Weeheee~ The mascara comes in a tube type packaging which a bit chunky-style with gold color. 

What makes Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Mascara different than any other mascara out there?? Well, Avon's multiple award-winning Research and Development team has developed a proprietary Quick Glide Gel formula infused with deep carbon-black pigments that combined with a Smart Control brush that hugs the lash line, create the ultimate lash look with zero effort.

Net weight: 10g

Available in 3 shades; Blackest Black, Black Brown and Navy

This is how the applicator looks like. It is chunky-looking like applicator and this is also another innovation made my Avon Research and Development team and know as Smart Control Brush. 

Close-up look of the applicator.

As you can see that it has short bristles that quickly load the formula onto lashes from root to tip. At the tip of the brush also have the short bristles so that it can cover corner to corner of each lashes. This to ensure it gives a dramatic multi-dimensional volume lashes. The combs is invented so it can easily grabs the lashes to lengthen, lift and separate each one of them. 

Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Mascara has a Quick Glide Gel formula where it is smudge-proof and water-resistant. The formula of this mascara made so it can standing up to heat and humidity to put an end on mirror-checks throughout the day. Suitable with Malaysian weather! Hihihii..

Here's the close up of each mascara shades. What do you think? Which color you prefer??

Did I mention that Avon True 5 in One Lash Genius Mascara was opthalmologist tested and it is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. This mascara also hypoallergenic. 

This is how the mascara looks like on my lashes. I'm wearing the Blackest Black

My verdict:-

When I saw the applicator I was like.. HMMMM.. will this mascara works?? Cause I'm that type of person who love comb-looking like mascara but surprisingly. it works! Hehehee.. This mascara is buildable for more volume looking-lashes. The formula is lightweight where you feels like "nothing" on your lashes which not that heavy-feeling lashes sampai nak bukak mata pun susah.. Hehehee.. Once you apply, do let the mascara dries off first before you using the eyelash curler.

Blackest Black: 
Color: 10/10
Volume: 8/10
Lengthens: 7/10
Lifting: 7.10

Black Brown: 
Color: 9/10
Volume: 8/10
Lengthens: 7/10
Lifting: 7/10

Color: 9/10
Volume: 8/10
Lengthens: 7/10
Lifting: 7/10

Overall, I love using this mascara on my bottom lashes more! It emphasizes my bottom lashes one-by one with not clumpy effect. When I made mistake during application and smudge, it can easily be removes but have to be quick (using cotton-bud). But it is water resistance bot water-proof so if you happen to know you going to cry that day.. I'm not suggesting to used this.. Eheee..

Price: RM27.95 (WM) RM32.15 (EM)
Availability: Avon representatives and online

I hope you find my review helpful for you! As usual, all the review are based on my personal opinion as I tested it and not bias! Hehehe..

Till then, xoxo

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