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50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Essence by Mentholatum | review

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Have you heard about 50 Megumi before??? Cause I haven't! Until I was introduced to the 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Essence by Mentholatum. Hehehee.. This is actually a well-known brand from Japan! I mean like WHUTTT!!! I should give it a try..

50 Megumi is a hair care brand under Mentholatum where they come out with hair care range that helps prevent hair loss and regain hair volume. It is like everyone dreams to have a good condition hair regardless gender, ages and free-hair women or hijab-wearer.

I know that hair loss is pretty common nowadays as we can see people complaining hair loss problems even when they only at 20s and 30s. Fewer than 45% of women live their lives with a head full of hair while the rest.... Hmmm.. Studies  have shown that hair loss can be caused by numerous factors which include poor diet, hormonal changes, effects of medication, hair treatments and others.

In addressing these hair issues, Rohto Pharmaceutical in Japan has recently found a breakthrough formula that could reduce hair loss and recover hair volume by using 50 precious natural herbal ingredients, which essentially gave the new product its name 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Series.

The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Treatment Essence claims as a must-have product in this Anti Hair Loss series. The treatment essence is an important haircare step against hair loss prevention. Just like the essence that is applied onto your face, the thin consistency of the treatment essence absorbs instantly into the scalp and hair in delivering all the necessary nourishment and nutrients needed.

Among some of the 50 nourishing herbal ingredients found in the 50 Megumi products include:

· Panax Ginseng and Ginger root extract to strengthen hair roots
· Swertia Japonica extract to protect against hairfall
· Hydrolised Collagen to prolong hair life cycle
· Natural orange and lemon extract to enhance deep penetration into scalp

The other vital ingredients also include Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Pine Cone Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Seaweed Extract, Caffeine, Pueraria, Root Extract, Rosemary Extract and Jojoba Oil – all of which also helps prevents hair loss and helps increase hair volume.

Net weight: 160ml
Made in: Japan

Works as a leave-in treatment, the treatment essence helps to strengthen the roots of the hair, increase hair volume and reduce hair loss. Apply the treatment essence after hair is cleansed and conditioned. Massage a small amount onto the scalp and hair, and leave it to dry. The texture is light, watery and not sticky therefore the hair feels light even after application. Moreover, the citrusy scent of orange and lemon leaves the hair smelling fresh!

For visible results, apply the treatment essence at least twice daily continuously for up to four months on dry or wet hair before styling.

My verdict:- 
I has been almost a month I've been using 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Essence by Mentholatum and I love it!! The feeling when you apply this hair essence is like a you're having a hair treatment at your home! Hehee.. The reason why I'm saying this is because of the fresh-minty feeling after I apply this essence on my hair scalp where it feels refresh and calming at the same time. As for the hair fall parts, probably need some times to get a absolute result as I still have several hair loss but I can say that not as worst as before. If you're using this for a long period of time I guess, it going to show much different in-term of the hair loss problem. I will keep on using and testing this hair essence. WEEE~

Price: RM150.00
Availability: Guardian and Caring outlets

People normally don't give much attention for their hair care like they do for their skin care but it is actually important that we ensure proper nourishment on the hair scalp to promote thicker and stronger hair. To achieve optimal results against hair loss, the treatment essence is best paired with the 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner series.

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