Friday, May 10, 2019

Baju Raya 2019 from JAKEL

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last week, I manage to go to JAKEL MALL, KL and seriously I was "rambang mata" by seeing Raya Collection from JAKEL. 

As you know that fashion industry currently thriving and gaining high attention. As a homeland textile, JAKEL took the initiative to bring a "ONE STOP CENTER" where you can find all you need especially for Baju Raya for your whole family regardless age, size and sex. You can get various branded outift celebrities under one roof and you can feel the sense of belonging when you shop with JAKEL 

During that day, JAKEL alos introducing their ambassador for 2019 that includes Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Scha Al Yahya, Awal Ashaari & Lara Alana (SchAwaLara), Ayda Jebat, Hanis Zalikha, Hairul Azreen & Yusuf Iskandar and special appearance for plussize Abam Bocey. Ohhh yaa.. not forgeting UPIN & IPIN for kids collection. The event was also attended by Datuk Hj Mohamed Faroz Bin Mohamed Jakel, DirectorThe Jakel Group Affairs. 


During that day, JAKEL also announce that they will go online as well! WEEE~ 
Now where ever you are, you can shop at JAKEL. Due to request from their customers, Jakel has created an online business platform to make it easier for people to get fingerprinted Jakel products. Since Jakel customers are located throughout the country, this makes them difficult to visits physically to Jakel. Now you can purchase anything from JAKEL at


AARON AZIZ BAJU MELAYU: Specially designed and tailor-made for comfort. Aaron Aziz's collection of specialties is certainly different the use of various fabrics and colors.

NABIL AHMAD BAJU MELAYU: Jakel revolutionized the Nabil Ahmad Baju Melayu collection with zip details on the side of the shirt (part of the pesak) and on the wrist (sleeve). Still maintaining a contemporary modern concept of intense slim fit that emphasizes nerves in the neck and pockets. More like Slim FIt Baju Melayu.

AWAL ASHAARI BAJU MELAYU: Focuses more on pieces, colors and the quality of the fabric to help the men in awe of style and confidence.

HAIRUL AZREEN BAJU MELAYU: The special hairbrush collection of Hairul Azreen is further refined with details hand stitches in the collar. There is also a collection of Malay shirts of pavilion round neck 

ABAM BOCEY BAJU MELAYU: Jakel also maintains the production of "plus size" Malay shirts for their size big. This helps those big ones get a collection of Malay and can be fashionable as usual. 

The price of Baju Melayu collection is consider as affordable and come in an attractive design. Customers will be given a free "Sampin" along with the "butang baju melayu" with every purchase of a pair of Baju Melayu. YEAHHH! Easy. You get one set at the time. No hassle to find sampin or butang baju melayu at other place. 


Other than Baju Melayu, JAKEL also come out with Kurta Collection as kurta has it own  privileges. 
Raya this year also, Jakel still maintains the production of kurta collections. Every Kurta at Jakel were made from high quality fabrics and comfortable to be wear. The collection of kurta collection is also wudhuk-friendly where the arm can be folded easily. Each collection of kurta produced has various design and there are more than dozens of colors for each design of the kurta. If you're not into Baju Melayu that much, you can choose Kurta for upcoming Raya. 


This is kinda the place where I get rambang mata. Hahhaaa.. This year Jakel still maintains the production of baju kurung collections under Scha Alyahya, Ayda Jebat and Hanis Zalikha Collection. Baju kurung has to be like baju kurung of course! where it is well-covered and appropriate for ladies out there. For Baju Kurung Raya 2019, Jakel take a step to brings a modern design with attractive color choices and latest pattern motifs. This will compliment with the current trends. 




Most of the design are pretty eye-catching and I can say it is bring the cheerful Raya mood plus insta-worthy for OOTD during Raya. Heheee.. Material?? Well, you know Jakel. They only brings good fabrics for each design for a long lasting comfort and bare-able with Malaysian weather. I'm pretty surprised with the design and collection of Baju Kurung from Jakel this year. They bring something simple yet elegent at the same time. Most of the design, they play with patterns and colors. Regardless you age, all design will compliment you and they also come with several sizes from S-5XL if I'm not mistaken. 


As for Kids Collection, JAKEL have UPIN & IPIN, Lara Alana and Yusuf Iskandar as their ambassador. Same like Baju Melayu for adult, for kids, if you buy Baju Melayu you will also get free sampin and butang baju melayu. As for girls, you'll have quite various design to choose from. 

JAKEL Happy Hour !!

If you're lucky enough, Jakel will have happy hour where sometimes the price will drop to half price. "Happy hour" time is random, depends on luck. 

You can go to Jakel Mall or any Jakel Outlet near you to get Baju Raya now! Orrr.. you also can start shop online at All collection from Jakel are made from high quality fabrics where you can easily find a matching outfit for your whole family members. 

So, tahun ni you team warna apa? 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. cantiknyaa baju utk ladies tu! my fav tentu lahh scha punya collection!!

  2. Jakel's designs this year are quite eye-catching! Love that. I #teamrayababyblue this year hehe xx

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