Sunday, November 25, 2018

Some By Mi Miracle Toner | review

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Early this year, while scrolling Facebook on my phone I stumble upon one video that caught my attention where in the video there is one girl trying a Miracle Toner and showing a wonderful result after 30 days using it. I was influence by that video and starts to google about this Miracle Toner and the result of my googling I discover one brand from Korea that is Some By Me. I haven't heard about this brand before (I mean back in March 2018, now I know already. hehehee..) but now I bet most of you already know this brand. By the way, I could find the video on Facebook but I find it on Youtube, HERE

This is how the toner packaging looks like.
Some By Me Miracle Toner is for those who have trouble with their skin condition like rough skin surface, oily as too much sebum, messy blackhead and whitehead, annoying pimple/acne, blemishes,  dull skin tone and large pores. This toner contains 10,000ppm of real tea tree extracts and AHA, BHA and PHA works as effective exfoliator to leave skin cleaner and more radiant. When I read through about this toner at that time, I had no idea what is AHA, BHA and PHA. Hahahaa.. NOBBB.. Then I study more about it and I gain more knowledge. Yeahhh.. Good discovery indeed!

AHA - remove impurities and dry flakes on skin surface
BHA - remove impurities and sebum in pores
PHA - Prevent skin moisture loss and dissolve dead skin cell

"When dead skin cells and impurities build up, the clog pores and cause skin problems. No matter how expensive, good products you use, it can’t reach to the inside of skin. AHA, BHA and PHA keep skin bright and healthy by removing dead cells and impurities and normalizing skin turnover period. Normally even after cleansing, the impurities are still remained in the skin thus, this toner claim that daily use of Miracle Toner will make a dramatic result" - Some By Me

This is pretty convincing right?! After read this, I made my order for this toner right away and I've been using it until now. To be honest, I'm pretty afraid to try it at first place as I'm not familiar with this type of ingredients in toner, plus my skin is quite sensitive but it turns out pretty gentle on me. Does not causing irritation nor breakout while using it. I'm relieved! They claimed to be working flawless within 30 days but not for me. After I finish the first bottle of this toner, I notice that my forehead area seem clearer than before. No annoying pimples pop-out on foreheads area anymore. But annoying acne still remains on my cheek area plus my acne is hormonal type, thus I understand why it take times to working on it.

Key Ingredients:-
10,000ppm of Tea tree extracts – skin soothing and serum control, skin’s oil & water level balancing. Disinfection & inflammation alleviation

Virginia Witch Hazel Extarct – Natural AHA component. Pore cleansing & dead skin cells removal. New Skin layer generation

Papaya Extracts- sebum & dead skin cells control. Skin soothing. Brighten blemishes and freckles

Lentil Extracts- skin protection, immunity enhancement, nutrition supplement

Swiftlet Nest Extracts – Antioxidation, cell generation, skin resilience

Lotus extracts – skin refinement, soothing and conditioning

I made my second purchase of the toner and I'm kinda love it how it leave my skin smooth. Since it is a gentle exfoliator, I can see some of improvement on my skin afterwards. It is also comes with pH 5.5 where it is slightly acidic toner, which calms alkalized skin. Balances pH balance of the skin to prevents breakouts and retain healthy skin and now I'm in my third bottle already. Hehehe.. One bottle can last me up to 2-3 months for day & night use (for me). 

It has watery texture and I use cotton pad to apply this toner. 

On my first bottle I use it as my day and night toner (but now I'm only use this as night time toner), I'm glad it does not causing any irritation effect and I'm pretty happy with my skin texture compare to previously. I have severe breakout and it make my confident low. But now my skin texture getting event better, probably with the help of good technique of skin regime and also choose the right product for my skin. Trouble spots on my forehead has improved and soothed. No more dead skin or dry patches and it calmed down my skin’s redness as well.  But I cannot say that I'm totally flawless right now as I still have a few annoying acne around my cheek area but in term of skin texture, I'm satisfied. If not, I won't repurchased it right. hehehee.. For those who have acne prone and sensitive skin you may want to give this toner a try. It might help to sooth down your skin problems but make sure you don't have any allergy to the ingredients yahh..

Price: RM50+++ (depends on the online shop, when there is sale, I even get it for RM37.90)
Availability: Any online platform that selling Some By Me products. 

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  1. I always wanted to try this toner! Your review sounds promising, gonna buy it soon! Hehe

    1. Yes! it does help me soothe down the jerawat pasir especially on my forehead area.