Friday, November 30, 2018

Best cleanser for acne-prone and sensitive skin from Hansaegee Nature

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I heard about this brand Hansaegee Nature last year and last month I finally get the chance to try their products. Hansaegee Nature is actually a brand of skin care and beauty that established since 2011 in Malaysia. All of the products are original Made in Korea with guarantee good quality ingredients. They aim is to share good quality skincare in Malaysia in simple way and safety method.

Last month, I try this cleanser from Hansaegee Nature and I turn out lovin’ it! At first I'm pretty afraid if this cleanse might be too strong for my sensitive skin but it is super gentle on my skin. The ingredients are best for those who have acne-prone skin. I'm glad that I found this cleanser as my skin getting better now. I'm not saying this bluntly but it is really based on my experience. Of course I'm still in a long-way to achieve flawless skin but with the help from Hansaegee Nature Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser I believe this will speed-up the recovery process. YEAYYY! *I'm excited!

Hansaegee Nature Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser suitable for all skin type including sensitive and acne-prone skin type because it is rich in Aloe Barbadensis Leaf & Tea Tree Leaf Oil. 

Thanks to the unique pump, it will form a bubble type cleanser. 

Check out the oft bubble cleanser form. It is bubble-up because of the pump not because any chemical or what’s not as Hansaegee Nature Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser are made from natural ingredient that is safe to be use. For more details and full review about this cleanser you can read HERE

It's been a month since I'm using this cleanser and I really like it. It does not causing any irritation on my skin yet it keep my skin clean and fresh after wash. My skin does not feel tightening or drying as it won't strip your original skin moisture while cleansing. I still have half (or more) content for this cleanser thus I assume that 1 bottle can last up to 2-3 months for me (day & night usage). If you have trouble-skin, acne-prone or sensitive skin you might want to give this cleanser a try. I guess, this cleanser is worth of investment for your skin. *let's pray together for a better and healthy looking skin. I hope my updated review helpful for you. I know the feeling having a bad skin that full with annoying acne and uneven skin tone. You'll feel less confident and feel like not going anywhere because of your skin condition. But don't worry, every problem have the solvent. InshaaAllah.

You can visit Hansaegee Nature website to know more about this brand. The website is easily access by everyone. Hansaegee Nature office is based in Malaysia, and all products Original Made in Korea and direct import legally in Malaysia. All products safety were approved, and store in Malaysia based office, and hence delivery of products also faster and good service. It won’t be international shipping if you’re in Malaysia. 

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