Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tanamera NEW Ageless Facial Serum

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I heard about Tanamera a few years back as they popular with a natural ingredients products and I finally get to know more "deep" about this brand. Tanamera recently launch their NEW Ageless Facial Serum that had a breakthrough in their extensive research on probiotic skincare technology and discovered that the organic rice extract is highly effective in penetrating the skin cell to nourish the deepest layer of the skin. INTERESTING right! I can resist my excitement because I love serum and this serum seems promising. 

Before I go further about the product, let me give a short brief about Tanamera. This brand is a truly Malaysian heritage and made in Malaysia. They only come out with 100% natural products and traditional formulation for centuries. They also an Award Winning International Quality that certified by Malaysia Berhad, Certified Halal, Certified by Vegetarian Society and Good design awards. Practically, Tanamera represent natural remedies, eco- friendly products and packaging, traditional Asian treatments and the healing power of tropical herbs and essences. With all the qualification they have, it seems that this product is safe for everyone!

Let's get back to the NEW Ageless Serum. This is how the serum looks like. 

This serum has an organic rice extract with a probiotic technology in skin care. It claims to be an effectively penetrates the skin cell to nourish the deepest layers of the skin. Within weeks of usage, most users will observe a significant improvement in their skin texture (eg. from acne scarring) and a remarkable reduction of wrinkles & fine lines.

Tanamera is the very first company that uses 100% organic Oryza Sativa, through a unique double-fermentation process that makes the raw ingredient alive, bio-available at cellular level, potent, and rich in the essential nutrients, vitamins, biologically active ingredients and naturally derived micro bioflora that are beneficial to the skin. Together with other premium ingredients such as nutripeptides, lauric acid and other natural plant essences the Ageless Facial Serum is found to promote skin cell renewal and bring out the most glowing skin texture. AMAZINGGG!

Safe for everyone!

This is how the serum texture looks like. It has light texture and absorb pretty well on the skin,

It claims the following benefits:-

Directions for use:-

First Impression & Verdict:-
I've try Tanamera NEW Ageless Facial Serum and I'm pretty like it. I like how it feels on my skin, well absorb and gentle. It has lightweight texture and easy to apply. I'm oily-combination with sensitive skin type. So far, this serum acts pretty well on me and does not causing any irritation or what so ever. It keep my skin moisturize and I can feel the tightening effect as well. Another thing about this serum, it has calming scent and whenever I apply this serum, it give me the calming effect on me as well. Can't wait to see more amazing effect of this serum on me soon!

Tanamera Store at The Starling Mall, Damansara

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Somehow, I feel like it is the time for me to change and get more natural basis product.

If you're into natural products and looking for one, I'd suggest you check out Tanamera! This might be a good choice for you and you can find various of products from head to toe! Not only that, they also provide massage services. Awesome right! I can't wait to try their massage service very soon. For more info; you can go to Tanamera Website .

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  1. Tq syafiqah for the post.planning to go tanamera shopping this weekend and will definitely include this in my purchase.have been a user of the hair care range since 3yrs ago and from ur testimony which i hope is genuine..this is a must try

    1. You're welcome. I really use this serum and lovin' it. Woll repurchase it later after I finished this one bottle.