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MIZON Correct Concealer - #2 Natural Beige | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

You probably not familiar about one beauty brand called MIZON right? I discover this brand when I'm browsing websites. At that time, I'm looking for a concealer with a good coverage that sells at affordable price and I discover this MIZON Correct Concealer. I read the review and most people claim this concealer gives a good coverage and I add this on my cart right away. I bought this last year and here I'm going to share my opinion on this concealer. 

MIZON is a beauty brand from Korea and they aim to make high-quality products with affordable price. They have their own manufacture thus this will save the cost for hiring another manufacture and distributor. Today I'm going to share one of their products that is MIZON Correct Concealer. If you know me for the past years, I'm obsessed over concealer. Whenever I found a good concealer with a reasonable price I always get it right away. 

This is how MIZON Correct Concealer's packaging looks like. It comes in a tiny glass bottle square/rectangular packaging! I love the packaging it is sleek and seems like mini size but it is not. That's the actual size. 

It comes with an applicator that has drawing tip that has your fingertip-like. This applicator is adheres to the skin which mean it is easy to be use. But, I only do the dot-dot motion with it because this concealer has high coverage. 

* I wish I can read that but it is all written in Korea. Hehehee
This concealer comes in 2 shades #1 Light and #2 Natural Beige if I'm not mistaken. I choose the one in #2 Natural Beige because I'm more on medium skin tone. The may have less selection of shades because they mainly from Korea and most Korean people have fair complexion, so do understand that. Heheheee..

Net weight: 9g

Here is the swatch of the concealer in shades #2 Medium Beige on my hand. 

Shades: I'm glad that this #2 Medium Beige code fit or I can say almost fit with my skin tone. Fuhh! This shades suitable for fair-medium skin tone and as for me I think the shades give more like a highlighting effect as it focus on the brightening. This shades best for my under eye area 

With a moderate amount apply on under eye and the areas with imperfections and blend it nicely and evenly

Texture: The texture is more like a thick liquid or creamy texture. It glides on easily and you need to blend it right away after application before it gets dries up. It dries up pretty quick so I advise you to blend it right away. Best way to blend is with dap-dap motion and even out the concealer so it looks more natural looking and not cakey. . 

Close-up look

Coverage: I can say that it does what it claims which is high coverage. With a small amount of this concealer it can cover you dark circle, blemishes easily. I normally don't go for high or full coverage because I prefer medium coverage with natural finishing but this concealer is mind blowing!. If you're looking for a high coverage concealer this might be suitable for you. Like I mention earlier, it dries up pretty quick, you have to blend it right away after application. Another thing, make sure you apply an eye cream and let your eye are moisturize well so it is easier to blend. If not you might find it difficult to blend as it is not friendly on dry area. 

You can see that my under eye area a more brightening 

Finishing/ Longevity: It last pretty long on me, like 6-7 hours. Even if my foundation seems to fade away but I can see under my eye the concealer is there. Maybe not as pigmented as after application but I can still the concealer is there. The finishing of this concealer is semi-matte, best for you to set with powder. For those with dry skin type you may need to apply beauty oil or prep you skin very well so the concealer easy to blend. This actually applies to a\whatever skin type you are; with a good prep you'll get a smooth and better application of foundation and concealer.  

Overall, I think this is a good concealer it does what it claims! so far... The coverage is good; you can go for medium to full coverage. Easy to blend but remember to blend it right away because it will dries up fast and make sure to keep your skin moisturize and prep well. With a small amount it gives good coverage and does not crease easily. I love to apply this concealer under my eyes area because it it not only cover my dark circle but it also help to give the brightening effect to it. Down side for this concealer probably the color selection. Other than that it is good!

I'm waiting for the foundation to come and give it a try because the concealer seems to be promising and why not let me try the foundation. right? Hopefully the shades are not to light for me. #crossfinger

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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