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KRABI Travelogue: [Day 3] Emerald & Blue Pool

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This is my last post on my Krabi Travelogue. On our last day we went to quite popular attraction at Krabi that is Emerald Pool. This place is not only popular among tourist but this also popular among the Thailand local. The entrance fee to Emerald Pool is 100 bath if I'm not mistaken.

Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) is a popular attraction that available at Krabi. This is also one of the reason why I wanted to go to Krabi. This pool is a mineral pool and popular spot that located at lush forest with wooden walking track. You can enjoy the underground natural spring here. This pool basically a natural pool not a hot spring. The water is replenished by natural streams running into the pool from freshwater sources on the limestone hill above.

The time we arrived was also a public holiday in Thailand so the pool quite pack with people. 
 based on an article I read, diameter for Emerald Pool approximately 20m wide and 1.2m - 1.8m deep. The water in it is a spring water that gushing up on the surface and then flow down to the hill which mean it is natural sources. This pool form by soluble limestone or carbonate compounds and others substance in water thus, it keep the pool emerald color. 

Can you see how clear the water is!

We're heading to Blue Pool
It takes about 600m from Emerald Pool to Blue Pool. 

When you enter Emerald Pool, you can also went to their preserved Blue Pool. This is a natural spring int he forest.  The temperature of Blue Pool around 30-50 °C

Blue Pool is actually the beginning of Emerald Pool where it is occurs due to the emergence of geothermal  heated ground water, 

It is roughtly around 10 meters wide and 4-5 meters deep.

Can you see how clear the water really is. You can watch the video HERE

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

I'm pretty satisfied with Emerald Pool and Blue Pool at Krabi as I get to know more on the nature and see it for myself. It just we come at the wrong date as Thailand also on public holiday at that time so the place a bit packed with people. I'm not sure how the place will looks like if on weekdays but I'm sure you get the "calm" vibes here.

The walking distant from the entrance to the emerald pool quite long around 800m. From Emerald Pool to the Blue Pool around 600m. One way is about 1.4km. Return 2.8km. Conclusion, you're not only will see the beautiful nature but you'll also get to exercise. Kill 2 birds with one stone gituuu..

Another reminder, outside food are not allowed as they will check your bag. Wear comfortable slipper or shoe.

Before we're heading back to Malaysia, we stop by at Floating Market, Hatyai.

This probably, one of my favorite market at Hatyai, as you can get delicious street food at affordable price. 

When others ready to take photo and you see only food. Hahahaa,,

I'm surely enjoyed my holiday to Krabi, Thailand. I get to explore new things and see the good view myself. If you have any question regarding my Krabi Trip, you can ask me or comment down below. I'd be more than happy to help.

Till then, xoxo

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