Tuesday, October 23, 2018

KRABI Travelogue: [DAY 2] Elephant Feeding & Heaven-7

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Around 4pm, we're ready for the next adventure that is Elephant Feeding and Heaven-7. After exploring their island, this is the time to explore others attraction that available at Krabi. 

I know that at Thailand is popular with Elephant tracking activity but we don't really support that activity, instead we choose to go for Elephant feeding. I read one article regarding on how they "teach" a.k.a torture the baby elephant.. Oh my!. It hurts my feeling. I know previously I've experience Elephant tracking but after I read the article.. I just can't! It brings me to tears. 

Let's show more love !
if you read my post, I hope you don't support this activity as well. You can experience more than just this activity. You can buy them fruits and feed them instead. I don't recommend for you to ride the elephant tracking. #stopabusinganimals

Next stop is.... Heaven-7, a park that located on hillside. This place was recommended because it shows the diversity of parks and colors and claims to be just endless at :7th heaven". *macam syurga ke-7 katanya. Well, everyone have their own believing, let's just show them some respect.

Anyway, the entrance fee is 100 bath for tourist (half price for children). Some may find this attractive but some people might find it wasting. This place is totally depends on a person. If they like a unique, colorful and fun joy kinda of theme park this will be good for you. We're actually kinda confuse either to enter this park or not but since we're already here, why not let's experience it.

Just me and the giant macaroon

the park


The panoramic sea view and the ferris wheel
Probably my favorite view at Heaven-7

*everyone starts to play role here. Hehehee...

Ever wonder what happen if you ride this slide? Muahahahaa..

Don't try this at home

it's the climb....

they just having fun

The view!

The view from uphill

Yeah! we climb up to the top. #proud!

Proof that we're on top

ft, the sunset view. 

If you ask me is this a must place-to-go at Krabi, I will answers, not really. This is definitely more like an optional. If you like a theme park vibes this is for you. You can enjoy take more photo and see creative design of this place. If you have extra day at Krabi and you don;t know what to do, then you can go to Heaven-7.

It's dinner time! We're actually having our meal at one Halal restaurant area the night market, then we walk-around to the night market and experience the Thai street food. You can feel the local style here at the market. I'm having banana pancake and the roll ice-cream.

to be continue...

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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