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Experience the simplicity of beauty with Althea Bare Essentials Skincare

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The gossip is out guys!
Althea Korea now come out with their own Skincare products. wuuhuu~ I'm excited! You can experience the simplicity of beauty with only 3-step-skincare routine. To achieve a good makeup look you need to have a good skin and this what Althea Korea basically trying to do.

Introducing, Althea Base Essentials.
In this skincare you get the 3 basic skincare that you need from cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

This skincare generally to keep your skin moisturize, healthy looking skin and minimize your makeup base. You don't have to go with the hustle-skincare-routine anymore. Althea Bare Essentials features micro-particle that quickly absorb into the skin without irritation. 


This is how the cleanser looks like. They name is as a contour cleanser as they claim that this cleanser can help to achieve a slim face shape. *interestingggg

Price: RM23.00

The packaging is in a transparent white packaging where you can see the product in the tube. The tube quite huge compare to any other cleanser I have before as weight is 150g/tube. Because the normal cleanser in market will go for 100g or below.

If you see closely you notice that it contains micro-bubbleshots which is a micro capsule that will pop if you gently massage with water. This effectively exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin. The texture of this cleanser is rich where you only need a small amount and it will foaming once you massage it with water.

The key ingredients in this contour cleanser is Ice Plant where is helps for hydrate and clams redness and Lemon myrtle that rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the skin. You only need to squeeze out a small amount of this cleanser and than lather onto the face, massaging in circular motions and rinse off. 

My verdict:-
I LOVE IT! I truly love the cleanser as I can feel it really help cleanse my skin and I feel fresh right after I use it. You can feel the tingling session of cool when I use this cleanser especially on my T-zone area. My skin feel fresh and most importantly, it does not causing drying or tightening feeling to my skin. For the price that you pay and what the product gives you it just worth it!


You need toner to take care of your pore. Primer Water act as toner for this skin care step and it also a primer at the same time. For me, toner quite important in your skincare routine as it will prep you skin before your skin can absorb the goodness of serum and moisturizer you apply after.

Price: RM43.00

The packaging also comes in white clear bottle where you can see the product and the lid are made up form aluminium-material like. It contains 200ml of primer water which I think also a big amount compare to regular toner will be.

This primer water is made with a patented dewdrop technology that helps to keep your skin smooth and hydrating. You can feel like putting a toner and balm at the same time as it is quite moisturize. It smooths and evens out the skin, prepping it for the next step and leaving the skin in a youthful glow

This toner hydrates and preps the layer skin so your skin a prepare to revived a good moisturize that you going to put after that. The "dewdrops" helps to soften and improve skin suppleness. The key ingredients in this primer water is Snow Lotus that helps to smoothen and brightens the skin while evening out the texture and Patented "dewdrop" formulation keep revitalizes the skin and provides immediate, effective moisture

My verdict:-
It glides smoothly on my skin and hydrating t the same time. I use cotton pad and put a few drop then apply this primer water on my skin. It does feel smooth and hydrating when I apply it. It absorb pretty well on my skin and it has pleasant fresh scent too.


The 3rd step is moisturizer and they call it Fixer Cream. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and that's why we need to apply moisturizer in our daily basis. With nourishing ingredients this Fixer Cream will keep your skin moisturizing up to 24 hours (this is what they claim). This fixer cream is basically your day and night moisturizer where it is packed with moisturizing properties in just one jar. 

Price: RM50.00

The packaging also comes in a white transparent-glassy jar with aluminium-material lid. I think they trying to insert an eco-friendly vibes into their packaging. Well, I'm not sure but that's what I think. Ngeehee. I jar of Fixer Cream contains about 50g which I think also quite huge amount because the normal moisturizer in market will go 30g like that. 

This is how the texture of Fixer Cream looks like. It has the thickness moiturizer feel but it glides easily onto the skin and absorb pretty well too. They claim that Fixer Cream that this moisturizer can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to plump it. The Key ingredients in this Fixer cream is Trehalose a powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin. It also contains Wild Green Tea that helps for hydrating, skin soothing and pack with antioxidants, and Baobab Tree Extract a non-greasy moisturizing agent that helps promote collagen production.

My verdict:-
It claims that Fixer ream can penetrate into the skin up to 24 hours of hydration where it keep you skin feel fresh and healthy looking at the same time. But it really depends on every individual skin type as well. Everyone has different skin type and different skin problems that probably going to give a different effect. But for me, this fixer cream does give me the hydration upon application but I still haven't find any miracle effect on my skin yet (maybe need some time due to problematic-condition on my skin) but I'm happy it does not causing breakout or what's not because my skin is super sensitive. If you're not-so-problematic-skin-type I suggest you to try this fixer cream as it will give goodness to your skin.

Now you can experience the simplicity of beauty with Althea Bare Essential Skincare. Sometimes, a complicated skincare steps will causing your skin tired. Just simply give your skin what they really needs  with 3-step skincare. Althea Bare Essentials Skincare are infused with nourishing and hydrating ingredients from nature to keep your skin at optimal and comfortable. Their aims is to provides your skin with high-quality products and also don't hurt your pocket where they selling it at a reasonable price. Don't just cover-up anymore! Complete your skin's makeup with Bare Essentials. 

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