Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Butterfly Project Malaysia turns 5

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

How fast time flies~ The Butterfly Project turns 5 already. I’m so proud to be in this beauty blogger community as this is my first blogger community that I joined back in 2013. This also the platform for me to start sharing about beauty stuff. Love how this community keep on stand-still and active until now. I’m also happy that so many positive vibes going around in this community. Big thanks to Tammy our Mamasan and their awesome team that keep us together and make sure this community active and fun until now.

I was invited to their Birthday Party with Unicorn Theme! OMG!! I’m just excited. The party were held at Wondermilk Damansara and everyone dress like unicorn at that time. But apparently My unicorn horn still at china at that time because I ordered it online and the unicorn horn didn’t manage to arrive on time. Hmmm… Some blogger even DIY their horns, amaze how creative they are.

The Party begin !
he party starts with a speech by Dee and Tammy. Everyone enjoys in this party with the food and activities. Oh yeayyy.

I’ll share what we basically do at the party.

The Food 
Unicorn Birthday cake 


Mini cupcake.
There's more food but I could't focus for photo I simply eat the food right away. Hehehee. All this photo credit to Eros :)

Look I can brightly smile after I'm done eating. Weeheee~

 Photobooth / Boomerang PhotoBox 

by GNG Studioboth
As usually, the party won't complete without photobooth right. Thanks to GNG Studiobooth for the awesome service. This time the photobooth a bit different from the usual one because it is Boomerang PhotoBox. Awesome right! You know how people these day love to slay their pose with boomerang effect. It is cool to know that you also can get this on photobooth. This is their new service and we're lucky to be among the first person to try it. 

I'm loving the print out finish from GNG STudioboth as they use a high-quality printout glossy paper that is waterproof and also anti-fingerprint. You can check them out on and their facebook at

 Flower Bar 
After done taking photo, I go to the Flower Bar by Everyday Flowers. 
They provides personalized bouquets for all of us. Yahooo~ I get to choose any 2 flowers that catch my attention the most. I choose the one with purple hues. To be honest I’m not really good to pick a flower because they all look beautiful. Hehehee. They will turns the flower into beautiful bouquets. I love the outcome and they use fresh flowers. This definitely enhance the decoration for picture #instaworthy . You can check them out on facebook

 Balloon Activity 
Birthday Party won't complete without Balloons right. That day, all balloons were set up by Brrrloon, a party supply and rental store company. The have varieties of balloon service according to your need. From Personalized Bubble Balloon, Helium Balloons, Auto-inflate Colouring Balloon, Balloon Powered Toys, Balloon Sculpture, Balloon Arches and more!

So the one we're enjoying playing with known as Auto-inflate coloring brrrloon. This is the first balloon in Malaysia by the way. Means that you rarely get this balloon anywhere. First, we have to color the balloon according to what we like. Than we hit the center and shake it right away. It will growwww like a balloon. You don't have to blow it. Wuuhuu~ Unique right! Make sure to check them out at and their Facebook

 Mingle with butterflies ! 
The Butterfly BEST Unicorn Dress!

It was fun to mingle around with everyone. I met new friends and I also build good relationship with my long-lost-blogger-friends. I also love witness how creative they are with their unicorn dress. I wish my unicorn horn arrive on time. Hmmm. Anyway, I'm truly enjoy the party. Thanks again The Butterfly Project for having me. I will definitely support this community time-to-time. 

Unicorn bag
We also received Unicorn Bag! In this unicorn bag filled with a lot of goodies. I will do special unboxing for this Unicorn Bag very soon. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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  1. Pika going to do the unboxing? Need to share to goodie bag sponsors soon. If not yet, can list down and mention the details here first? :O