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Alha Alfa Royal Propolis Foundation | review

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 Foundation time! Last few months I've been testing out a new foundation that is Alha Alfa Royal Propolis Foundation. Alha Alfa Cosmetic is a Malaysian local brand that founded by Malaysian Makeup Artis, Alha Alfa. He's a popular makeup artist in Malaysia and now he come out with his own brand called Alha Alfa Cosmetics. The solid reson why I feel more confident to try this foundation, because it is created by Makeup Artist so the product should be in a good formula as makeup expert should know what better for the skin. 

The main reason I really want to try this foundation because it is claim to be a treatment foundation. Means it is not only cover the skin but it also will treat your skin. I'm just WOWWW! And you probably know that my skin is actually acne-prone/sensitive with tons of blemishes and I'm just happy to know this kinda foundation exist!.

This is how the packaging looks like. It comes in a glass bottle and I really like when foundation comes in this kinda bottle as it looks more sleek. I also love when the bottle foundation comes in transparent so that I can see the foundation color from outside of the bottle. Anyway, check out the box! I love the design on the box that showing the honey propolis effect. Wuuu~

This foundation comes in a pump bottle type! Another PLUS why I like this foundation because it will be easier to pump out the foundation with no messy-ness. Heee. It will be more hygienic for long-time use. This foundation also suitable for normal, oily and combination skin type as it has matte finish. 

Color: Alha Alfa Foundation comes on 3 different shades at the moment (fair, medium and dark) and I choose code Fervi (Medium) as I find that this color match will well-match with my skin tone. At first I'm quite shock as I see the color is more like yellow'ish side where I'm a bit afraid that my skin will tuns yellow'ish but I was wrong. The color blends nicely for my medium skin tone. Fuhh~ I bet this foundation more like for warm tone color and suitable for Asian skin color,

Texture: It is surprisingly quite thick in texture where it does not running liquidity. With only one pump is enough to cover my face. It it not that liquidity side but even though the texture is thick it is easily to blend on my skin. how should I put this in words yahh.. It is thick in texture but lightweight at the same time. Yahhh. that's the words to describe the texture of Alha Alfa Royal Propolis Foundation. It is easy to blend of and does not turns cakey on skin. When it is well blend on the skin it feel light and comfortable. 

Check out the the coverage of Alha Alfa Royal Propolis Foundation on my face

Coverage:  The coverage for Alha Alfa Foundation is medium to high coverage. I'm impressed with the coverage of this foundation where it is almost the same as high-end quality foundation. For a local brand foundation that can give a great coverage is definitely worth to try. The foundation can cover my scar and uneven-skin tone well. 

Finishing/Longevity: The finishing is matte and when you blend it well you can feel like a skin-finishing. Means it is not thick or cakey like you're putting foundation on your skin. On my first trial, I find that this foundation mimic the line on my cheek when I smile, so from there I know you have to avoid to put too much foundation on the part where mimic lines. You have to properly blend this foundation recommended for you to use beauty sponge than brush. It claims that this foundation can last up to 12 hours but I never wear foundation more than 12 hours as I will wash my face often (for solat). Yet this foundation last pretty long my face. You know that I tend to get sweating easily. 

Check the the tutorial I'm wearing this foundation

Overall, I really love this foundation as I also use it for daily-wear. I'm not that type of person who wear foundation everyday but this foundation known as a treatment foundation so I think I'm okay with that. As for daily use, I'm only us half of the pump and it stay pretty well on me for the whole day because for daily use I don't like to put too much makeup. If I need for full coverage then I go for one pump and it cover pretty good. I'm happy that this foundation does not causing any irritation on my face and after using it for almost up to 8 hours my skin still does not have any weird reaction. Thank goodness! I'm really impressed for a local brand that can make a quality foundation like this. Thank you Alha Alfa for creating this awesome foundation at affordable price.

Price: RM49.90
Availability: @alhaalfacosmetic_hq and their reseller.

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  1. harr dr hari tu nk baca ni, wah dh la 49 hengget je! akk pon mcm tergoda ngn foundation die ni! malasnya nk p order online LOL hahahha kat kedai mmg xd juai ye

    1. For me it is worth! RM49.90 for foundation is really affordable plus foundation dia not bad best.