Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Foodies: Burger & Lobster Genting Highland

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Yeahh! I'm finally here!!
End of December last year (2017), I went to the popular Burger & Lobster Restaurant located at Genting Highland. I've been wanting to go Burger & Lobster restaurant but something keep on coming up and I forget about it at the moment. Than one day,  we're discussing on where should we spend time this weekend. After discussing with several ideas and stuff, we're end up going to Genting Highland and we choose to eat at this premium restaurant, Burger & Lobster. Wuuhuu~ *Can you see how happy my face in the picture. 

If I’m not mistaken they don’t do reservation, more like a walk-in restaurant. We arrived at Sky Avenue around 11.00am. Since I’m not really familiar with the location so it takes time for us to find the restaurant. We start queue from 11:50am and we finally get seated at 2:40pm. YAHHH! No jokes! We queue for almost 2 hours pluss. Was it worth? Keep on reading…………..

The menu is pretty much straight forward, like they offer you burger, classic lobster and lobster roll. As they mention on the menu board, all of their dishes will served with chips and salad. They claimed that all the lobster Burger & Lobster  premium 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada which they deliver in Malaysia weekly. If you're fan of lobster you may wanna give a try as they deliver a fresh lobster. The dishes price is not that cheap because you're paying a premium food price. Imagine one dish can cost you RM100+++ . Yahh~

While queue, we're buy an ice-cream to kill time and make sure our mood doesn't get swing. 
*You know the feel when you have to wait and queue for 2 hours.

We're finally at the entrance! Wait for our turn to be seated~

The "tools"

To ensure I tak end up comot! *which I always makan comot!

Actually, we're not sure which one is the best to try so we ask the staff over there and he suggest us to try this 2 menu, The Original Lobster and Seven Samurai Lobster Roll


We order classic lobster in original flavour as we want to have a taste or the original lobster. 
The lobster meat indeed delicious! I'm just amaze how thick the meat is. I'm not sure it is over-cooked or that's how they normally cooked lobster because it taste like it is a little bit over-cook don't but as long it does not ruin the lobster taste so I'm okay with that. The dipping sauce also taste good. 

with a seven spices sauce 

Hands down! This is my favorite dish that day and I accidentally ordered two of this roll!  YAHHH TWO! Hahahaa.. I can taste it is filled with lobster meat and it taste deliciously good. Suite with my taste bud.

That's how I spend my Sunday with lobster. Overall, if you're a fan of lobster you may wanna give Burger & Lobster a try! Just bare in mind to wear a comfortable shoes as you gonna queue quite long and if you want to avoid queue too long, pick the correct date or timing (not on peek hour or holiday season or weekend). Be early, maybe it can "cut" some time during queuing. I'm glad that the service and food was good. So I feel satisfied after queue for 2 hours ++ and paying quite expensive price for two people to dine-in. Hehee. Next time I want to try their chill lobster cause I saw a lot of people order that. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. perghhhhhh
    menyelerakan betul rupa lobster tu

  2. OMG 2 hours!!! akk ingtkn plg bodo pon 1hr la OMG x sggup mak nyah!! huargggg gigihnya dh la mahai plak kn tp akk rs betol lah klu bkn wekend mgkin ok je kot 30mnts gtu huhu TAHNIAH korg berdua mmg gigih! hahahaha btw mmg nmpk menggoda gler la lobster tu tp 2hrs...hmm... bye! HAHAHHAHA

    1. betul tu kak non. You have to go during weekdays much better kot. Kalau weekend memang kena gerak awal.