Sunday, February 04, 2018

The multi-purpose use of Silkygirl Brow & Nose Shadow | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last year, I stumble upon this Silkygirl Brow and Nose Shadow powder at Watson Mid Valley. The first reason I enter Watson is to but facial mask but I end up buying this product as well. The main reason I bought this because at that time I'm really looking for a perfect brown color for my skin and I saw this and test it out. The color turns out just the way I want. 

This is how Silkygirl Brow and Nose shadow looks like. 
Ohh yahh! Another pluss that I found is the packaging is travel-friendly. Because it comes in a mini compact case that will fit every makeup bag. Since than, I knew I'm gonna bring this along in my makeup bag. 

Price: RM19.50
*sometimes you can get cheaper than this if there's a SALE.

It has dual-shade powder light and dark brown. 

They claim that this best for brow and nose contouring but this baby can do more than that!!  I was amaze when I discover the trick and technique using this Silkygirl Brow and Nose shadow. This small kit can do more than that. 

Here the swatches for each color.
I fall-in-love when I saw the color because the color is just what I want!

Let see how multi-purpose is this Silkygirl Brow & Nose shadow.

1. Brow Definer
I use the dark brown color to fill in my brows

2. Eyeshadow
The light brown color also perfect for your eyeshadow color. 

3. Eyeliner
I use the dark brown color as for eyeliner part and you also get the brown gradient look

4. Nose Shading
It also best for nose shading as I use the light brown and tap a bit on the dark brown and I do nose shading. I can see the color really pop-out nicely and natural-looking. 

5. Bronzer
Last but not least, it is also best for bronzing. 

Overall, this is worth to get. I was pleasant with the brown color in this kit. It is super affordable and multi-purpose too. This is a-must-have product with me when I'm travelling because it make my travelling more easier and I only need this one tiny little compact with me that can help to create a natural daily look. It might works differently to other skin tone but it works wonder for my medium skin tone. I also find that this kit is best for those beginners and for those who don't like makeup too much yet you still want to have some brown natural color this is it. Hope you find this trick and tips helpful for you.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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