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Mamonde Flower Facial Mask | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

When I heard about the NEW mamonde Flower Facial Mask, I'm soooo excited as I always love products from Mamonde. A brand from korea, Mamonde is a floral inspired skincare and beauty expert now come out with their latest Flower Facial Mask Line. *SCREAMINGGGGG! 

They have 4 type of mask that inspired by 4 different flower that is Rose, Heartleaf Houttuynia, Calendula and Evening Primrose. All this flower is popular with their benefit to skin. Mamonde's new Flower Facial Mask aims to brings women's beauty back into bloom through its goodness. There's 2 type of mask which is Wash-Off type and Leave-On Type or best-known as sleeping mask. Let's have a look each of the facial mask.

 * * * Pore Clean Clay mask * * * 

The Pore Clean Clay mask comes in a green color and this is a wash off face mask type. As mention on the name it is suitable for those with enlarged pore and sensitive skin. I'm soooo happy that they mention sentisitve skin because my skin is sentsitive type and yahhh.. my pore do need some love tooo! (because it is visibly large T_T).

Price: RM85

This mask uses the leaves of Heartleaf Hottyunia and Walnut Shells as a main ingredients. It is also made up of natural mineral clay infused with grounded Heartleaf Hottyunia and Walnut Shells. Well, as you know Mamonde will only use a good quality ingredient based in floral to make their products. This mask suitable for those with oily skin, sensitive skin and dead skin cells. Just what I need. Hee~

This is the texture of the mask.
Even though it is mention as a clay mask but it's actually have mild and soft cream texture. This clay mask is gentle on the skin especially when you try to apply it to your face. I will keep your skin feel moisturized while helps to maintaining oil balance. 

My verdict: I've try this mask a few time and I'm kinda like it. Because it is a clay mask but it does not tighten my skin when drying like any typical clay mask will do. Yet my skin feel comfortable! After rinsing the mask, my skin feel much more smooth and soft. But in-term of pore tightening, I could not see it right away, thus, it has to be frequently use to keep your pore shrink. Another thing that this mask also willexfoliate dead skin cell on the skin surface while it will absorb excess sebum . 

 * * * Petal Purifiying Bubble Mask * * * 

Mamonde Petal Purifiying Bubble Mask is another unique mask because it is a bubble mask. Say WHAATTTT~ The main function of this mask is to instantly boosts skin for a radiant look. This mask will help you to cambat dullness, or tired looking skin.Just what I need! Hehehee.. For those who have dry skin, or  dull and fatigue skin you can try this mask. By the way, this is wash-off type mask. 

Price: RM85

This mask infused with visible rose petals together with green tea and peppermint extract. What a wonderful combination right.  As you know that green tea is good for anti-oxidative property and peppermint extract will help to maintain moisture on the skin surface. 

This is the texture of the mask. The color is actually maroon like, but when apply, It will immediately forms a soft fluffy and chiffon-like bubbles (like in the picture). This mask is best for revitalize stressed skin that normally cause by your environment.  It can bring the dull-looking skin to radiant glowing skin like. Where it instantly boosts skin for a radiant look. 

My verdict: At first I'm kinda confuse on how to use this mask, so I simply apply this mask scattered like how I normally do when I apply clay mask. But turns out it become a little bit messy because once the mask contact with the skin and air, it will bubble up! Therefore, the next time I try I apply one part and another. Means apply generously on the forehead are first then right cheek and left cheek follow by chin area. So when it will bubble up accordingly. I hope you get what I mean. Hehehee. This mask will turns like bubble after 1 minute it get contact to the skin and air. The texture feel like leather and I does find my skin seem refresh after apply this. I think this mask not only wearable for night time, but also day time as well if you have special occasion to attend, spend some extra time to pamper your skin before you put your makeup on. It will help to instantly boost radiant onto the skin. 

 * * * Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask * * * 

Who else love sleeping mask like I do. After I discover a few good sleeping mask I'm excited to try a different sleeping mask from a various brand and I'm Happy that Mamonde come out with sleeping mask and this is Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask. The best part that, this sleeping mask suitable for those who have sensitive skin and also those with dry skin. 

Price: RM85

A leave-on sleeping mask that blended with Calendula petals alongside Centella, Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts to calm skin and lock-in moisture for a hydrated look

This is how the sleeping mask looks like. It is a leave-on type mask that design with water-gel formula. It has dewy texture that make your skin feeling cool and refreshing feel upon application 

My verdict: the moment I apply this sleeping mask on my skin, I like the scent of it! It smells good where it somehow give you the calming effect. I also like the texture where it is like a gel and easy to apply. The sleeping mask also gentle on my skin, does not causing any irritation once I apply it. On the next morning when I woke up and mask the mask over I really like how soft my skin is. It is advice able for you to make this as a routine to get the optimum result. 

 * * * Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask * * * 

Another sleeping mask from Mamonde is Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask. This sleeping mask is best for those who hae dehydrated skin and those who always bloated skin. This mask best for lowering the chance of external pollutants from harming the skin. COOL right! This is important because our skin tend to expose to pollutant that sometimes we don't even realize it. 

Price: RM85

It is formulated in accordance with Flower Oil Complex (a formula that combines Evening Primerose Oil, Camellia Oil and Sunflower Oil). In this sleeping mask also infused with moisturizing ingredients from the Evening Primrose. Evening Primrose is well-known for the goodness on skin. 

This is how Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask texture looks like. It seem a little bit rich compare to the Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask. If you see closely you can see that is it a gel type that contain nutrient capsule in while color. This is best for fortify the protective layer of the skin. It glides gently on my skin and provides dewiness to the skin when you apply it. 

My verdict: The scent is more like a "fragrance" scent. Somehow I feel like I'm applying a perfume on my face. But don't get me wrong, it has pleasant smell and I think it is due to the flower ingredient formulation. Easy to apply and gentle on my skin as it does not causing any irritation to my skin. WHen I apply this, my skin feels nourished and moisturized without feeling sticky. By the morning when I wash it, my skin feel hydrated and supple! The best that this sleeping was is created for those with bloated and dehydrated skin. Wee~

Overall, I find this mask has their own specialty and you can choose based on your skin condition. I like the fact that Mamonde only use flower ingredients to every products they have. You can get Mamonde Flower Facial Mask at any Mamonde Beauty Counter, and Choose the flower facial mask that best for your skin :)

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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