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Escape with The Butterfly Project M'sia X Traveloka at The KL Journal Hotel

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

If you follow me on instagram, throwback like 3 weeks back, you can see that I spam quite a lot of photo where I spend my weekend for a short getaway with The Butterfly Project Malaysia on 16-17 December 2017. I'm actually excited about this getaway because I really miss going to a trip with The Butterfly Project Malaysia. The last getaway with The Butterfly Malaysia is back then around 2013 to The Lost World of Tambun. After 4 years, The Butterfly Project Malaysia are back with a sweet escape for bloggers. Wuuhuuu~ This time around, the sweet escape located at The KL Journal, Kuala Lumpur. 

This is all thanks to Traveloka for making this awesome getaway.

Registration and Tea Break
All Butterflies are excited with this sweet escape~

The first activity is of course the introduction. we were introduced to Traveloka and how it helps travelling more easier and convenient. We also learn on how the apps works.

 Traveloka Apps 

Before I proceed with the short vacation story, let me share a little bit about Traveloka. I best most of you already heard about Traveloka but just in case for those who still not aware, Traveloka, is an Apps/Website for those who want's to travel yet you don't have time to do research about the cheapest flight and hotels especially for "kaki travel" out there. 

Traveloka will help you make your travel/vacation much easier. With simple step on the Apps/ Website you can easily access every category easily. 

Down below, I show you the screenshot of the Traveola apps on my phone.
This is how it looks like when download it on your phone. 

You can see the front view of the apps.

You can search the flight for local and international

Same goes to the hotel. You can book according to your preferences. 

The best deal Traveloka offer you is that they have 0% Installment Plan at anytime of travel period. Isn't it amazing!!Once you've booked your flight and hotel via the apps you'll get the e-ticket for flight and also hotel voucher through your email address that you register. 

Did you know that Traveloka offer 24/7 Customer Services where you can contact them at anytime just in case you have problem with the apps or any service that Traveloka provide. I hope you understand about the Traveloka Apps. For more info you always can visit HERE

Let's get back to my Short getaway story, 

 The KL Journal Hotel 

Like I mention earlier, The short getaway were held at The KL Journal Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel that located at Bukit Bintang, heart of Kuala Lumpur. This hotel location is quite strategic as it takes a few minutes minutes walking-distance from Pavilion, Lot 10 and any place at Bukit Bintang. Pretty convenient. 

Candid moment! *I guess

You cannot miss posing the stairs ! *LOL

Slay posing I guess. But this time I think it's the real candid for me because I'm not ready that time but the picture turns out quite nice. *Hahahhahaa. Puji sendiri 

This is the side where you can feel like a vintage decoration. The KL Journal Hotel really mix the modern and traditional vibes around. Super stylish. 

 Lunch at Kedai Kopi Journal 

After the introduction and ice-breaking session ended, It's lunch time !

There a cafe in the KL Journal Hotel called as Kedai Kopi Journal. That's practically where there served meals for their customer. But outsider also can enjoy the food here. I can tell that thi Kedai Kopi is more like a modern coffee shop but you still can see the traditional vibes around it.  

Check out the decoration of this Kedai Kopi Journal.

Creative indeed!


The food selection make me confuse which one to eat first. Eheee~

A must have for me because I love strawberry + chocolate !!

Pink guava for me 

I'm happy whenever it is a meal time.

As a burger lover, I choose to eat Wagyu Burger! *Mouth-watering~

Can't hide my excited face.

We never had enough with photo.. Ngeeheeee

Let's enjoy our lunch!

Kedai Kopi Journal is the cafe that available in The KL Journal Hotel. They served quite nice food and I'm fall in love with the main dish as well as their dessert. They also served Ais Krim Potong. The decoration is pretty and exquisite at the same time. I can enjoy my meal at ease while having a great conversation with my blogger buddies. 

After lunch, we still have extra time because we check-in we take photo around the hotel area. 

 Check-in our room 

It's the time for us to check-in

Our bed ! 
In this room (I don't know what type/name of the room) consist of 1 queen bed and 1 single bed. This is at 7th floor and you can expect a beautiful view of Bukit Bintang (and also the traffic jem. Huhuhuu). 

Wardrobe and they also provide bath-robe *I use it very well

Study table and TV section, facing the bed area. 

Check out the "buku 555" *pronounce as buku tiga lima

I hanging my dress and blouse

This is their fridge! It has transparent door. 

Bathroom and toilet

The bathroom/toilet of course in tip top condition.

My roommate for one night, Aliza Sara !

The room definitely cozy for both of us. I slept very well that night. Despite the beautiful view the facilities in this room also complete for us. 

 Butterfly Ceremony 

Before the DIY Workshop, everyone gather around for the Butterfly ceremony~

Signature for The Butterfly Project Malaysia. 

Butterfly Project x Traveloka x The Journal KL
*can you spot me?

I love surround myself with positive people and positive vibes. Thank you The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Traveloka for held such and amazing getaway for us. 

p/s: picture credit to Eros

 D.I.Y Workshop 

I think there's about 4 different DIY Workshop were held that time and I choose Bath bomb and Scrub with Wunderbath. I can't believe that I'm gonna making bath bomb. This is my first time makin one as bath bomb popular from a brand Lush but now I'm doing it myself. Wuuhuuu~

I'm about the enter the magical world of Bath Bomb. Wuuuhuuuu~

Plant oils and extract are use during this bath bomb in making to help and moisturize skin. 

It have delicate scents and beautiful color mixture of pink and purple. 

Tadaaa! This is mine..
I'm trying the zebra design with pink and purple. It turns out so beautiful 

This is where we made anothe bath bomb for skin special. That contains organic oil.

just make it stay in white color. Weehuuu~

next, lesson is Body Scrub! Oh yeahhh~

I love body scrub as especially when it is organic. 

The brown sugar are mix with organic coffee ground

Add jojoba oil and mix it very well until you get the right texture tht you prefer. 


group photo

This is our teacher that day. She's a nutritionist turns to Bath Expert

I made this myself! I went back home with this awesome Bathboom and Body Scrub !

 Dinner and Gift exchange ceremony 

On that night we're having dinner with pleasent food they served but I;m more excited about the exchage gift session. we do like a gift exchange with our roomate (in conjuction with Christmas). I'm sooo happy with what Aliza's gave me. And I'm also glad that she also like what I gave her. 

 Night-time at The KL Journal Hotel 

Enjoy the night vibes while listening to the live band at the Terrace Bar & Grill 

What a spectacular infinity swimming pool located at the rooftop of this hotel with stunning view of the city at night time

 Morning/Breakfast & Free and Easy 

Rise and Shine~
The food selection for breakfast also nice. 

Basically on the next day it more like free and easy. So we decide to jalan-jalan in the hotel and see what else this hotel offer.

Gym at The KL Journal Hotel.

I fall asleep at this chairs! OMG.. Hahahaa.. How comfy it is sampai boleh tertido..

swimming pool at day time. 

I'm browsing around the Traveloka Apps while planning for my next trip~
Don't forget to keep on updatae with Traveloka latest promo by download the Traveloka App from Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) for FREE. You'll received an awesome deal and travel information with Traveloka. 

It is the end of my short getaway with The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Traveloka at The KL Journal Hotel. I'm definitely having a great time staying here for 2 days 1 night. Such a sweet escape for me. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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