Saturday, June 03, 2017

Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Have you heard about Secret Key brand or not? It is actually a brand based from Korea and now well spread in Asian market. I get a chance to try Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion that I bought on Althea Kr. a few months ago. The main reason I choose this Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion is because that time I'm looking for a Cushion Foundation that suitable for oily-combination skin type yet at affordable price. I browse the website and read every Cushion Foundation details one by one then I discover this Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion. What they claims to do it actually catch my attention and I add this on my carts. I'm like "cross-fingers" hopefully this works on me. I also mention Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion on my February Favorites and I promise to make the full review for you. So here it is! Sorry it takes me about 3 months to fulfill my promise because I'm a little bit busy but heyyy! I kept my promise.

This is how the packaging looks like. Comes in a black case packaging with a sleek label. It claims that this Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion is a long lasting without darkening and have good adherence on skin. What catch my attention the most is that it claims it has amazing coverage that does not require conceal. WOahhh!

Like any other Cushion Foundation from Korea, it has 2 different shades which is #Light beige and #Natural beige. I choose mine in #Natural beige because this color suitable for medium skin tone. 

Not much to explain on the packaging parts because it looks like how Cushion Foundation should looks like. Hehehee.. 

I like the puff! It does not absorb so much product and it helps to delivers the product on my skin well.

This is how it cover my imperfection skin. 

Coverage:  My first impression about this Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion was like amazing!! I was shock with the coverage where considers it is Cushion Foundation yet the coverage is Medium to High! Sometimes I don't even need concealer to cover my blemishes on cheek area. As you can see in the picture, it also helps to brighten-up my face a little bit and make my makeup look looks more fresh and nice. Consider that it is a light texture yet can cover nicely. Woahhh! Like it to the max. 

Finishing/Longevity: It sit on my skin prefectly! Means it not fade off easily and does not greasy or feel cakey. It is lightweight and no-sticky feels. Once I apply this it does not irritate my skin or what-so-ever. Syukur! because my skin quite sensitive. I probably can say that it last on my skin for about 6-8 hours depends what activity I do. Plus you know I'm sweating a lot! Hahahaa. I find the longevity quite good. 

Overall, I find this Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion is worth to have. The best parts what I like about Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion because it is suitable for oily skin like mine. The moment I got this on hands I keep using it non-stop! Now I think it almost finish and I'll definitely repurchase it. It does what it claims! Glad the #Natural beige well match with my skin tone. 

Price: RM45++
Availability: Althea Kr.
**Unfortunately, I just discover that Althea Kr. has discontinued the product from the websites. SObssss.. Another alternative that I found is that you can get it from Here

This is how my makeup looks turns out using Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion as my based.
I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you. 

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  1. Soo pretty! Nampak best pula cushion Secret Key Tattoo ni.. Tetiba rasa nak cub juga

    1. thank youuuu Ina. Tp you lagi pretty! So far, I'm quite satisfied with the performance!