Friday, March 10, 2017

February Favorites | 2017

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Spot any product that you might love too? Hehehee
My February Favorites is here. Well, I've been busy lately but glad I still manage to make this entry. Last month was like heck for me because my skin break-outs until early March and now it is getting better. Still in healing process and I wish it get better soon! I don't know what get into me that time but Thank God, it is okay right now. But not that flawless yet. Hehehee. 

Victoria Secret Body Mist and Lotion - Pure Seduction:  One of my favorite body mist in Victoria Secret non other than Pure Seduction! I really love the scent 😚. The body mist and lotion use to be my signature scent because I use it often. And I get this is a small bottle so it is easy for me to carry along in the handbag and makesure I smell good all the time. Heee.. But sometimes I do carry other perfume but this what I choose the most on February. 

Human Nature Strawberry Scrub: The softest scrub I ever used! Best!! It does not hurting my skin while scrubbing and it helps to exfoliate well. Ohh! Not to forget the smell! It smell nice like a strawberry 🍓. Human Nature product mostly made out from organic ingredients that will suitable for skin type 😍 . Wait for my full review about it soon!

Kusties I love... Body Wash - Mango & Papaya: I love sweet scent and this body wash have a sweet scent ever. I use this during day time and it keep my skin moisture and smells good. The body wash is like a gel type and it does not get foamy to much. It is mild onto the skin and keep it moisturize. 

Zahara Quard Eyeshadow - Golden Goddess: This eyeshadow help me a lot for a daily makeup look. It consist of a color that wearable and more like natural. It consist of 4 beautiful natural earth color and not to forget the gold color. I used it when I had no idea what makeup look should I do and I just get back with this palette and make a very easy-to-go kinda makeup.

Naked 5 Eyebrow Pencil: What naked 5? I also laugh when I received it because I know that there's no such brand as NAKED 5. Hahahhaa! but I just like "why not just give it a try" and it surprise me! Turns out this eyebrow pencil was daaaaboommm! I like it so much and I use it frequently. The color well match with my skin tone and it is easy to used. I get this as a gift because I purchase something online and the seller give me this as a gift. Hehehe.. Turns out I like it.

Madu Cosmetic Lipstick - Valerie: Say HELLO to our local brand (Malaysia), Madu Cosmetics. It's owned by the Malaysian celebrity, Hunny Madu. I'm excited when I get this lipstick on hand. Everyone should have a red lipstick. This lipstick in code Valerie is such a typical red color that everyone should have. It is easy to apply and glide well on my lips. It does transfer and you need to re-apply again especially after meals. I will make a full review about it soon! Waitttt for it..

Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion - #23: I don't know what hit me but recently I really love playing with Cusion foundation and I try this Korea Brand call Secret Key that I purchase from ALthea website. It is Tattoo Cover Cushion and I'm in love with this cushion foundation because it easy to to blend on my skin. The shade also well match with my skin. I really love it where it does not greasy or sticky on my skin. For your information my skin type is combination-type. The coverage was good too 😍. I will review this more details soon 

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-spot Serum: I'm a type of person who really need a cream/serum for dark spot and glad that I get this and give it a try. I does help in faded the dark spot on my face. The serum also easy to use and well absorb onto the skin. Most important is that it does not causing irritation on my skin. Glad! More details about it you can read my full review HERE.

Sahi Bird Nest Supplements: I like this supplements because it taste good and it somehow give me some energy. But in term of skin condition I'm not so sure yet. However, I really like a candy like supplement because it save a lot of time and easy to consume. More details you can check out HERE.

Till then, xoxo.

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. busyra pun guna vctoria scret.. mmg best yg pure sedction ni. <3

  2. zahara adakat beloh la nak try nanti..