Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sahi Bird's Nest Supplement

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Event: Sahi Bird Nest Product Launch 
Date: 6th February 2017
Venue: Wondermama, Bangsar

It is a great news for those who looking for supplements that going to help improve your health and skin. Now you can consume Bird's Nest in the easy way with Sahi Bird's Nest. A great supplements that contains Bird Nest and you only need to chew it like a candy. As you may know that bird's nest give good benefits to our body such as energy boost, good skin complexion and more. It is popular in older generation since it has been using as medicine for the past years and years. 

This is how the Sahi Bird's Nest look like. It comes in a yellow bottle with a white cover. 

Not only focusing in Bird's Nest but in this tables also rich in Sunnah Ingredient such as Dates, Raisin, Roseship, Honey, and more! Surprisingly, in this tables it do not contains any Collagen where by it replace it with Rice Bran which act as booster. Nice! great to know :)

This is how the tables looks like. It is in PINK color and looks like candy that tastes like lychee. 
It also easy to bring along during travel, 

> Help to treat acne and scars
> Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
> Whitening, moisturizing and smoothing the skin
> Improve skin texture
> Use of natural ingredient for whitening
> Serves as detox system

Overall, I really like the tastes of Sahi Bird Nest. I think it is a great supplements for everyone! For supplements, I think it taste delicious, it feels like you're eating candy that give tons of benefits to your skin and body. A chew-able tables and easy to consume. Just take about 1-2 tables each day. Don't forget to drinks a lot of water (at least 2 liters per day). Well, I still din't get the full results yet because it's only been a week for me to consume this. I hope it does what it claims and helps to improve my skin time-to-time. InshaaAllah! Amiin...

**Ohh yahhh! for best result, you have to avoid caffeine drinks within 3 months. 

Founder of Sahi Bird Nest, Norelissa Idayu and Noor Aimi.

With Elfiraloy as the ambassador of Sahi Bird Nest. 

Great deals conjunction with the launch of the product SAHI BIRD'S NEST 
**Valid from 6-12 FEB 2017

AGENT: RM35 (min 10 bottles)
STOKIS: RM25  (min 150 bottles)

2 bottles of SAHI RM100 (SM)/ RM115 (SS)
3 bottles of  SAHI RM140 (SM) /RM160 (SS)

Grab this deal now! 

For more info you can check out their:-

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