Thursday, February 09, 2017

Plan your wedding with THE WEDDING HERITAGE

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I know that this year many of you are planning to get married. CONGRATULATION!!! For those who still in planning for your "big day"preparation and don't have any clue where to get the best service, I would like to suggest The Wedding Heritage.

Kahwin di Banglo NO.1 okehh !!

Location of the Bungalow located at Ampang and Kota Damansara.

Why you should choose THE WEDDING HERITAGE?

FLEXIBLE: TWH Management can also custom quotation on your budget for the wedding. You only need to book the date with a deposit only as much as RM2500. TWH Management will give some time as for the bride and groom to save up & collect the money according to your budget (up to 3 months before the wedding). After the ceremony, the family and brides will be given extra 2-3 hours to relax, packing and clear things up. So NO RUSH after wedding. You also can add more street food such as Kambing Golek, Pisang Goreng Cheese, ABC, Ice-Cream. You can customize it according your budget. 

COMFORTABLE: The location is comfortable for the bride and family to prepare things up. There bridal dressing room, prayer room, guest room, toilet and living room for the family. Even in Kota Damansara Bungalow we also have homestay accommodation 2 days 1 night if you book a wedding in bungalows TWH. These spaces are very comfortable for family members who are elderly or those with young children to breastfeed. In addition, you will feel like your "own home": where it has basic needs like iron, water heater, toiletries, towels and even a surplus mattresses and pillows are also provided.

QUALITY: TWH has experienced nearly 20 years so you can expect good things in quality for the preparation. You also can give some suggestion to the TWH Management as to request accoding to your need and they will provide a great combination till the final touch.  In addition, each customer orders will be managed by 'senior wedding planner' who became 'floor manager' on the day of the ceremony was held. TWH Managemant also will provide the latest gift ideas follow trends and provide the best advice for prospective bridegroom. There will also have RELA for a free service to control the traffic during the ceremony. Each item provided by management will ensure quality is at its best!

LAST MINUTE PLAN: TWH Management also a great choice for those who plan at the last minute call. If there is an available date, within two weeks of reservation TWH Management can handle all expect with a great quality and service. They have experience with their customer before and they satisfied with the service TWH provide. 

ALL PREPARATION IS DONE BY TWH: For those who busy with works and hove high commentment in your carrier this TWH Managment will help you done all the preparation while you can still doing your works and comiment with no worries. All preparation will be done by TWH and do not need to be weary to arrange their wedding. They also assume that the price of the complete package is offered in bungalows TWH is the cheapest compared to other wedding venues and packages offered very interesting and a lot of free items given.

This is the example of FULL PACKAGE that they offer:-

This is just an example. You can customize things according to your budget and needs. 

For more info and how to contact The Wedding Herritage. You can check out their:-
Facebook: The Wedding Heritage Com   
Contact Number Admin: 016-562 9394

I have great news for my blog readers, You can get RM500 REBATE with when you make reservation at The Wedding Heritage. Just used "BOOKING BLOGGER" code when you make the reservation. This rebate only valid until March 2017 only. So, hurry up and make your reservation now. 

I hope your BIG DAY will come out smoothly and have a happy marriage!

Till then, xoxo

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  1. jalan2 usha entry ni.. amboihhh ramping tau gmba pengantin yg last tu!

    1. Tu gambar tahu 2015 time tengah diet dulu.. Sekarang membulat dah niii.. Hahahaha.. Tunggu tahun depan la kot. InshaaAllah..

  2. gambar yang last tu feeling abis! :D

  3. So in April, my husband and I had our wedding reception here and we both have no regrets with choosing this venue. I am still receiving compliments from all our guests. The food at Chicago wedding venues was delicious from appetizer to dessert.