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Haul: Althea Makeup Magic Box #9 | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Another exciting post!!!! Wuuuuhuuu~ (for me at least.. hehehee)

I'm so excited to share this with you girls! Althea did it again!! This time they came out with another Makeup Magic Box #9! You know how I love this makeup magic box  from Althea because it is worth to grab because normally you get like 6 to 7 products in full size with unreasonable cheap price! Normally this kinda magic box sold out very fast so you better alert with it so you don't missed this awesome offer.

This is what I got in the Althea Makeup Magic Box #9 !
The main point for this makeup magic box is to achieve a small face, big eyes, smooth skin and plump lips
(which I think every girls dream!).

Let's see in details what I got. In this post I will also include like a first impression and mini review about the product. So you can get the overview about the products I mention. Do let me know if you like a full review for any product I mention yahh.. 

 W.Lab Color Master Cover Kit 
By seeing at the packaging itself you'll surely know it is color correcting. I'm not really a color correcting type of person but this is cool where I can discover and find any different if I'm wearing color correcting ot it just okay if I'm doing the normal concealer style. In this color correcting palette it has 6 different color which is Purple, Green, Ivory, Beige, Pink and Brown. This colo correcting kit suitable for those who have light-medium skin tone.

This is how I do my correcting where
- Purple to cover redness
- Green to cover pimples
- Pink to cover dark circle 

After done blend the color correcting and I apply foundation on top of it then I proceed with conceal
- Ivory for under eyes and bright of nose
- Beige to cover spots and blemishes
- Brown for a little bit contouring. 

Blend it very well so it does not look cakey because you playing with layers for this makeup based. For me at first I find it a little bit thick compare to the normal style I do but if you blend it very well it can be adjustable. I recommend this if you like that full-face-kinda-makeup. 

 The SEAM Eco Soul Contour Palette 
Put your hands up if you're contouring-holic. Hehehee. I normally do my contouring if I have an event or going for any occasion. In The SEAM Eco Soul Contour Palette you can see 4 different shades where it consist of 3 shades of brown and 2 highlight color. As you can see based on my swathes there, This contouring palette consist of cool-tone brown which I'm not really fan of cool-tone brown. Huhuhuuu.. Because normally cool-tone brown suitable for those who have fair skin but I'm still glad that even-tho my skin is not that fair but this contour palette can works on me. This definitely for light-medium skin. 

I only used the 2 shade of brown which is the second dark and the darkest brown color in this palette because the light brown seems like my skin tone and it can be my powder I guess. Hehehee. But the highlight color pop-out really nice. I guess, I'll used this contouring palette if I want a natural shading. 
- Darkest shades I used for cheekbone
- Second darkest shade I used to shading my nose
- but the 1st shade of contour I cannot really used it because it almost similar to my skin tone. Heee
- Then the highlight I apply to my apple cheek and bright nose

 Aritaum Sugar ball Belbet Blusher (8g) - 04. Peach Crush 
What a cute blushing and it has a travel friendly packaging tooo! This is my first time try this brand. As you can see the blusher has matte finish and it appear nicely on the swatches but need a little works on the brush. 

It claim to be a bright color but unfortunately not so bright on my skin. Hehehee. I need to do extra blending works with this blusher as to get the peach-coral tone on my cheek. It has matte-finish which is good for daily use and I also put this a little bit on the eye part as to give a sweet look effect. 

 Beauty People Fix Pearl Pigment Pack - Ssum Light 
Hands off. It is pigment eyeshadow!!! OMG, I really like the shades of this pigment eyeshadow. I'm nor really type of person who use pigment eyeshadow because I'm not pro when it comes to handle pigment eyeshadow. Heeee. Once you mess with it the pigment will be all ober your face therefore you need to apply it with care. But once you apply it nicely on the eyes.. Woaooow!

Check out the color. Actually it appear more beautiful in real compare to in this picture. It more like skin tone base color that gives girlish and shiny look. Wuuuu! Suitable for glam makeup look too.

 Etude House Tool Eyelash_Longlash - 01 
Natural eyelash from Etude House and it come with eyelash glue (clear) as well. It is very natural where it will help to enhance your eyelash a little more. But you may need to apply more glue because the glue will not stick well if you only put a little bit so be generous with it. Heheheee..

 It's Skin Baby Face Creamy Lip Liner (0.25g) - Coral Peach 
Check out how cute the coral peach color is! The packaging also cute where it come in a white color and have cute "heart" design to it. 

This lip liner has creamy-matte texture. It is easy to apply and glide nicely. Make my work even easier as to properly liner the lip outer parts. The color make my tip looks a little bit plumper look. I think I'm gonna used this lip liner quite frequent next time.. Oh yeahhh~

 A;T Fox Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil - 03. Lose Beige 
Another new brand I've tried. In the picture may seem like a cubby pencil look but it is not. It actually quite smaller than I imagine. Hehehee. Means I need to keep this very well , or not it is no where to find. Back to the product again. Yeah, it looks like a chubby pencil type but in smaller size and thus can be use for lip and cheek. 

For this case, since I already put on some blusher, therefore I only apply this on my lips. I can tell that this is quite hydrating and not drying on my lips. The color is Rose Beige with semi-matte finish. Lasting power may not as good as others on my lips yet I like how versatile it is to be used for cheek and lips. 



This is how my makeup looks turns out by using product from Althea Makeup Magic Box #9 !
I do used some other products as well for my foundation, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. What do you think of this makeup look? Totally worth to get this !

Price: RM123 (N.P: RM466)

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. kita suka make up macam ni... not too heavy but look glamourous because of the eyeshadow tu kot. :D cantik!

    1. Thank youuu! Yeahh, the eyeshadow play important role here :)