Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Foodies: FamilyMart "Mini Bazaar Ramadan"

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Have you heard of FamilyMart before? If you've been to Japan or you'll like to travel a lot you'll familiar with FamilyMart because it is quite famous convenient store. I don't know if you've notice that now FamilyMart also available in Malaysia! So you don't need to travel far to find FamilyMart anymore. Hehehee.. FamilyMart origin from Japan and it is well expend to ta Taiwan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. 

What makes FamilyMart even special for this Ramadhan and upcoming Syawal is that, they will have a section call as "Mini Bazar Ramadan" that selling varieties of Malay local food as to embrace the holy month of Ramadhan and Syawal. This "Mini Bazar Ramadan" available at all Family Mart outlet in Malaysia.

FamilyMart "Mini Bazaar Ramadan"
For those who're busy with work and struggle with the hustle life of city, you can save time and drop by at FamilyMart "Mini Bazar Ramadan" to get your favorite Malay local food such as Rendang Ayam, Ayam Masak Merah, Lontong/Kuah Lodeh, Kari Ayam, Nasi Impit, Lemang and more!

Here I am.. to enjoy berbuka puasa at FamilyMart. 

Check out how tempting it is! My top favorite is their Nasi Impit, Lemang, Rendang Ayam, and Ayam Masak Merah. Yumehhhh~ Just think about it make me drooling already.. Hehehee..

FamilyMart "Mini Bazaar Ramadan" Price list:-
- Nasi Pulut Kuning RM3.50
- Nasi Impit RM3.50
- Lemang RM4.00
- Nasi Putih RM2.20
- Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis RM4.90
- Ayam Masak Merah RM5.90
- Ayam Kapitan RM5.90
- Kari Ayam RM5.90
- Rendang Ayam RM5.90
- Kuah Lodeh RM5.50
- Nasi Tomato Bento RM8.90

Curlassss makan lemang before raya taw~

Not forgetting, once you're at FamilyMart you can enjoy this delicious ice-cream. 

I choose cheese flavor but next time I'll choose green tea because the cheese flavor quite sweet for someone already sweet like me. lalalalaaa.. *sila muntah hijauuu~

This is how FamilyMart at NU Sentral looks like. 

What I can basically describe about FamilyMart they selling from goods to food that is convenient for all. Plus they also selling imported goods and daily necessities like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and more. Very convenient indeed! The concept of FamilyMart is Konbini where product and service evolve to meet customers' level of needs. They also provice a comfortable seating in each store so that customer can have a quick yet proper meal in-store. 

list of FamilyMart outlet in Malaysia
- Midvalley Megamall
- Wisma Lim Foo Young
- Sungai Buloh - Kajang MRT Line (TTDI Station)
- Gateway @ KLIA2
- SS15
- MyTown
- Jalan Sultan
- Taylor's Lakeside
- Jalan Sultan Ismail
- Changkat Bukit Bintang
- NU Sentral
- Sunway Velocity

#teamkaram explore FamilyMart NU Sentral. 

Selfie here and there~

I went back home with this delicious food. Oh yeahh~
This is basically how the packaging looks like when you purchase food from the FamilyMart "Mini Bazaar Ramadhan". It come in the container that withstand in the microwave. You can either dine-in at the FamilyMart or you can take-away. If you wish to dine-in you can ask the staff to heat the food for you because FamilyMart normally have like a central kitchen like that. 

Rendang Ayam, Ayam Kapitan, Sambal Ikan Bilis

Nasi Pulut Kuning, Nasi Putih, Lemang

FamilyMart 's brand bread, cookies and jasmine tea

Overall, I really like the concept of this FamilyMart "Mini Bazaar Ramadan" where each food can last about 3 days if it is keep in the refrigerator. All food they sell is Halal which is safe for Muslims to eat. Regarding the taste, for me I find that some of the food really good and worth to try and some are just not my style but my friend like it. Well, everyone have different preferences right.  I think FamilyMart going to be my choice of convenient store after this~ 

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  1. syoknyaa. sesuai sangat yang selalu on the go terkejar kejar masa. Paling penting harga reasonable

    1. kan kann.. FamilyMart ni memang best laa sebab ada makanan yg rare2 untuk dpt dkt Malaysia pun ada..