Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party x Jerlynn'L

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Event: The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party x Jerlynn'L
Date: 29th April 2017
Venue: Hello Dear, Damansara Utama

Yeayyy! I was invited to join The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party. If you're not sure what is The Butterfly Project, it is a community for all blogger especially in beauty and lifestyle to share their opinion and gather to mingle and get to know each other. I've been joining The Butterfly Project since 2013 from their beginning till now. I meet and make new friends in this community. Expose to new things and explore what I like the most especially in beauty stuff. 

This is how The Butterfly Project Birthday cake looks like. So pretty in Yellow. 

The theme for the birthday party is Yellow & Floral. I've tried my best to pick something that match with the theme. Well, I guess can laaaa with the flowy yellow skirt and floral outerwear and floral headpiece. Hehehee..

The best part is that Jerlynn'L is main sponsor for this Birthday Party!! Weeheee~

In conjunction with Mother's Day on 14th May 2017.
Jerlynn'L brings you Jerlynn'L Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set consist of:-
- Signature Body Wash 500ml
- Signature Hair Wash 500ml
- Daily Moisture Lotion 100ml
- Hair Conditioner & Detangles 100ml
- Aroma Stone Sachet x 2sachet
- Sugar Can
- Bread Case
- Scarf x 2
- FREE membership
- FREE Personalized Photo Album

You can get this gift set worth of RM228 instead of RM715
Promotion from 25th April 2017 to 14th May 2017
Availaible at Jerlynn'L Mid Valley & Jerlynn'L Sky Avenue Mall, Genting

That day, we all get to unboxing a gift from Jerlunn'L. How sweet!!

This is everybody birthday~

We're excited! Thanks to Jerlynn'L

Check out what I got. I'm super excited to give this product a try!
Previously I've tried their body wash and I love it. I even mention it on my Monthly Favorites early this year. Looking forward to try more products from Jerlynn'L from another range such as hair care and lotion. Wuuuuuuu...

Anyway, that day I couldn't snap a photo of the food session due to sudden blackout. But I really enjoy the food! Delicious~

I'm with the best dressed butterflies that day. Rawlin & Grace.. I'm just like a potato there~ Hahahaa..

With Mamasan! Thanks Tammy for gather all beauty bloggers in Malaysia in one community where we can get to know each other and make us be more than a friends.

 All pretty in yellow and floral~
I wish all the best for The Butterfly Project and all beauty blogger in Malaysia.
Let's spread the love, positivity and happiness~

Happy me!

Pssssttt~ I heard that The Butterfly Project going to throw another birthday party soon! Wahhh, got two birthday party this year.. AWHHHH.. EXCITED~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^