Friday, February 03, 2017

January Favorites | 2017

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

My January Favorites here!!! I'm going to share of a product that I've been loving in the month of January 2017. Basically last month was a quite relax month for me and I've tried a few new products in market as well as diggin' my vanity to try out products that I've been kept for a while and give it a try again. So here the products that I'm kinda loving last month since I tend to grab it over and over again. Let's see~

Lizly - What a Lovely Palette: The first reason I like about this eyeshadow palette is that the varity of color in one palette. You can do from a daily makeup look to night-time makeup look with this eyeshadow palette. Not only that, it is also come in a compact size which is travel friendly. I bring this along with me when traveling. The pigmentation for each color is good especially the purple shades (lovely heart). I have so many things to share about this eyeshadow palette. Maybe I will make a full review about this soon. 

Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner - Black: The color is superb black and I really like it. I like the pen style liquid liner because it is easier to handle with. The eyeliner tip is good enough and make my eyeliner works even easier. I can create a wing-liner easier and sleek in shape. It last quite good on me and does not leave any balck stain or make my eye like a panda eyes. Thumb up!

Zahara Long Wearing Eyeliner - Ochre: I've been using brown eyeliner since my study time because I find brown eyeliner is much more blend-able and make my daily look mare natural and not too much. I still doing brown eyeliner for my daily look and I choose this eyeliner from Zahara in code Ochre which is a brown color. I like the texture of the eyeliner it is more like a deep brown. It last quite good on my eyes. Does not smudge so badly. Good!

Peripera Peri's INK Velvet - 10: To be honest, I'm not really a fan of lip tint because somehow the formulation will make my lips dry and I hate dry lips. But after I found this Peripera Peri's INK Velvet I suddenly change my though. Ohh! I like the formulation because it is quite different from any regular lip tint out there. It do not feel too dry when apply and at the same time it also keep my lips moisturize. I choose the bright pink color as to match my personal character and I think I'm going to get more color soon!

Real Technique Contour Brush: I know that this brush is for contour but I find that this brush is the best for blending concealer under eyes. It helps to blends my concealer evenly and good. I don't use this brush for contour instead I use it as for blending my concealer. It is perfect as it! I think everyone should try it and you'll feel the same as I am!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush Bronze & Brighten - Smoulder: Ohhhh! I really love this palette. It is perfect for travel because in one palette you get Contour, Blush and Brighten which is perfect for your face look. But I find the contour color not deep enough but works find on me.  but the blush and brighten is beautiful. Glad that I found this. Wuuhuuu~

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: At first trial I don't really like this because it does not completely remove mascara but is works as to remove my face makeup. Since last month I din't really use mascara that much so I grab this makeup remover a lot. For eye makeup you may need a little extra works as to ensure it helps to clean the eye area. But it works wonder for face makeup and it is also gentle to skin. 

S.E.P Face Mask: What a great mask as to pampering myself. I used this  two mask a lot recently which is S.E.P Canola Honey and S.E.P Green Tea. This two mask really helps my skin feel mositurize and soothing. I used this face masks as to pampering myself at night time. I also like the smell of this mask where if the honey you can smell like honey and same goes to green tea mask it smells like green tea. 

Jerlynn'L Body Wash - Plants & Herbs Extract : What I like about this body wash is the texture where is a clear gel type body wash. It effectively cleanse skin without drying leaving it and keep my skin feel soft and healthy. This body wash is gentle to skin and work great especially on my intimate part. This body wash is made from Korea and I like how it is actually a environment friendly body wash. 

Till then, xoxo

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  1. makeup revolution palette tu ade jual kat mane? mcm cantik jeeee... best fav pika! <3

    1. Ohh.. tu pika beli online je kak sabby. Thank youuu