Friday, May 19, 2017

How to heal sprained ankle fast

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

On the end of March (I think) I sprained my ankle or people usually call it "terplecot". Actually this incident happen in front of huge crowd! Ohh damn! Malu nyaaaa.. Not only embarrassed I also hurt my ankle. Glad that I drove to my house quickly right after the incident. My last experience sprained ankle was on high school on form 5 where I sprained my ankle from laying a netball. It was super hurt guys!!! I can't even walk at that time and I was send to the hospital that night. Sorry la warden asrama. Hahahaa.. Kacau tengah-tengah malam~ . By the way, I find a step on how to treat sprained  ankle before it getting even worst Pre-treatment is important!

Here the steps that I find helpful for me and might be helpful for you too
(if only you sprained your ankle lahh.. Heee..)

1) Ice pack
This is the ice-pack that I'm using.
Glad that the ice-pack is always there inside the freezer. Once I reach home I take Ice-Pack and I put it at the ankle until my ankle feel numb. From that moment you can't really feel you ankle and you can't even walk properly. It feel so hard even to walk from my bed to the toilet. 

2) Muscle/ Sprain Ointment or any Minyak Angin
This is what I used for the first treatment where I just spray this on my ankle but some said that this not really does it works it just helps to keep your ankle feel numb that's it! Therefore I use minyak angin/oitment much better. I use Gel Amani ad my dad give it to me but I couldn't snap the photo of the Gel Amani that I'm using because my dad already throw it as it already finish but I find that the Gel Amani really helping through out the recovery process. Remember to apply some minyak angin because you don't want you ankle get bruise and masuk angin which will make it even worst. Any good minyak angin will be okay I guess. 

3) Ankle Guard / Bandage
Again! I'm glad that I have ankle guard at home!
You need ankle guard as your support. When I arrive of course I couldn't fins the ankle guard so, If you don't have any ankle guard it okay you can take any kain/cloth as to wrap you ankle preferable bandage. But I know not every house have bandage. What I do was I use my hand-sock or any long sock to wrap my ankle. You can watch on how to wrap the HERE. I also watch this video and follow the step. After I found the ankle guard I just used it. Much easier!

4) Rest!
Yes, You need to rest. Don't even think to move here and there. You better lay down on your bad and get some rest. Sleeping also helping in this process where you won't feel the pain that much and you leg will stay static at one place. You at least need 3-5 days to rest depend on how severe condition of your ankle. If you're working/study you better go clinic ask the doctor for MC because you really need some rest. The doctor will also provide you some medicine as to help for the swollen and recovery parts. Whenever I take the medicine I sleep with no worries. I guess the pills a little bit sleepy. Hehehee.

5) Check-up from Doctor

After all this step you done but your ankle still hurt, you better do some check-up. Go to clinic/hospital for further examination. You may need to do some x-tray or else. It is depends on how severe your pain really is. For further assist you better do come check-up at the clinic and if you're working you tell the doctor then the doctor will give you MC for you to rest. The doctor's advice will be the same as I did which they will give some painkillers and swelling pills. Some said go for massage (mengurut). Find someone who expert bab2 mengurut !

I recovered from sprained ankle for about 5-6 days after. Syukur Alhamdulillah! because my past experience not really nice and it takes me almost a month to recover. So remember always do pre-treatment because it will also affecting the pain right after. Don't delay to treat the ankle sprained. You don't have to wait for others you can do it yourself!

I hope this tips helps!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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