Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Foodies: Streat Thai, Jaya One | Ramadan Buffet Special

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Wahh~ Pejam celik pejam celik Ramadan is around the corner. A few day left before the Holy months begins for 2017. I'm excited!! as we know that this is a great opportunity for Muslims  to do more ibadah. InshaaAllah! Anyway, I have a great news to share with you! You know laaa when fasting month everyone are looking for a great place for berbuka puasa right. Recently I try a thai food. Ohyeahhh! The place known as STREAT THAI located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Glad quite near with my house. Hehehee.. Streat Thai is the place where you can find an authentic thai street food guyss! Fefeeling like your in Thailand laa enjoying thai street foods. 

This is the main entrance! As you can see the place quite cozy where you have 2 section indoor ans outdoor. I like the decoration inside because it has the stall kinda section. But the lighting a bit dim for me.. Hahhaaa. Nampak motif nak ambil gamabr~ Hehehee.. Well, lighthing penting! But most important the cleanliness is good. For toilet and surau you can used inside the Jaya One building. 

Let's see the menu they offer! Some of it I know the name but some I din't really remember. Hehehee..

Green curry-beef
The beef is sooo lembut! tak liat and easy to chew. I like green curry especially when eating at thai restaurant. Yumehhh~

Beef  Curry


Soft taufu and mushroom


 Spicy chicken

 Spicy Gulai Daging

They also serve kuih muih and fruits as dessert!

Not forgetting, Pulut manga! 

Baverages! That day I tried Kiwi and Roselle.

You can get over 60 different of choices over here!! Haaaaa.. makan la sampai kenyanggggg. Hihihii.. 

This is my first plate that night. Hehehee. 
Overall, I'm totally full that day. Alhamdulillah. I've tried a few different dish and some of it a new to me and some not really kena dengan tekak I. Hihihiii.. But the Tom Yam and Green Curry is good. I really like it. I also like the Calamari and Pulut Manga. I'm quite impressed because the beef, chicken and satay they serve really soft and easy to chew. Eat with no worries. 

STREAT THAI Ramadan Buffet Special starts from 27th May 2017- 24th June 2017
Daily from 7:00pm-9.30pm

Adult: RM49.90++
Child: RM19.90++

But but but..... if guys book 7 days in advance you'll get special price worth of RM39.90++/adult . Woahh! What a great deal, if you plan to berbuka puasa with your office-mate, friends and family you surely don't want to miss this offer. This is your chance to save a little bit yet eat as much as you want. 

STREAT THAI  Jaya One, Petaling Jaya
For reservation:-
Contact: 03-74961297 / 012-9073581
Waze: Streat Thai Jaya One

Well, I hope this will help you! Enjoy your Berbuka Puasa moment with Authentic Thai Cuisine at STREAT THAI. Have a great Ramadan to all Muslim around the globe. May this Ramadan is better than last year and we can do more ibadah time-to-time. InshaaAllah. 

Till then, xoxo

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  1. Waaaaa nampak sedap je semuaaaaa!!

    1. yes it is! sodapp for those who love street thai food

  2. Sampai x tau nak makan yang mana dulu kan..banyak sangat pilihan.almost 60 dishes

    1. Tahu takpeeee~ apa la nak pilih kan... ada jugak yang tak sempat nak rasa..