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Singapore Travelogue: Universal Studio Singapore (USS) | Part 2

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Continue my jorney to USS recently. You can read Part 1 HERE. I have another 4 area of attractions that I want to share. This time is more like a sightseeing version. Because starting from this point there's no more extreme or adventure ride yet you can enjoy so many show and ride that more relaxing and also suitable for kids. If you bring your kids along this place will be the most great attraction for them. Well, not limited for kids only, I also like this places. Less talking and let's jump right to the story. 

Far Far Away

You can enjoy so many things in this Far Far Away. They have show and a lot of unique things here. Who does not know the famous Movie SHREK right? I even a fan of that movie. It is the first movie that show you don't have to be beautiful to be a princess. Love all matters. 

So, here I am at the Far Far Away. In here there's so many show and rides but mainly suitable for kids. I was told that if you at Far Far Away you must enjoy the Shrek 4D Adventure but unfortunately we did't make it. 

The only ride that we play is PUSS IN BOOTS' GIANT JOURNEY
I think this is the only ride that quite adventure compare to any others at Far Far Away. You can hop onto the Puss In boot's Giants Journey roller coaster and join Puss and Kitty on this anti-gravity, swashbuckling adventure. This is the World's First Puss In Boots Roller Coaster

Queue: 20-30 minutes 

My Experience: The ride is quite fun where it is slightly goes up and suddenly go down in circular motion. The ride is not that fast and also suitable for kid to enjoy this. The seat is safe enough. We get a chance to seat in-front. You can slightly curi2 snap picture this time. I also made some video

I really like the landscape and decoration in Far Far Away. It is like take you to another world. Super love the vibe in this place. 

My favorite. The reasons what makes Far Far Away different. 

I really like the vibe in this Far Far Away. I feel like I'm at somewhere else far.


I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it, We like to move it!
Another popular movie of animation about animal live in the zoo and suddenly live the the jungle. I also watch this movie so I know the characters in this movie.


Queue: 5 minutes

My Experience: The ride in the boat where the boat will take you to the journey together with the characters in the Madagascar Movie, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. This is actually the World's First Madagascar Ride ever. You'll get slightly wet in here not going to be soaked don't worry. You can bring along you bag together and do snap some picture too. I forgot to snap picture because I was to mesmerize with the ride that time. 

We with the four character in the Madagascar movie. 

Now we're enter Hollywood bebehh~

The ride that bring me some great memories at USS

Why not?

walk-of-fame star

Sesame Street Show - When I Grow Up. Look at the cinema feel like we're actually at Hollywood. 

Don't forget to snap a photo with Minion. I'm also a fan a minion. I can bare how cute they are with the weird language. Hehehe..

My Experience: At HOLLYWOOD is where they wanted us to feel like we're actually at Hollywood where you can wathc show and enjoy the view. I did nothing much here rather than snap a tons of photo. Every angle is quite beautiful here. Some suggest that to stay till night to enjoy the show of fireworks and the beautiful view at night but we didn't manage. Maybe next time. 

New York

Hello New York-er~

Meet and Greet with Bert from Sesame Street 

Our Last Activity is shop some souvenir. I was not sure what should I get for myself

I also bought the popcorn at this popcorn truck. 

This cost me for SCG 8. Well, it taste like popcorn~

My Experience: At NEW YORK you can see how the New York street and buildings looks like. You can fefeling like a New Yorker for a few minutes in here. Hehehehe.. I only enjoy taking photos and photos here. I din't event watch any show they have and glad that before we heading out we're able to meet the character of Sesame Street. We din't get to spend a night time here. 

That's wrap up my activities at Universal Studio Singapore.
So, here I want to share some tips for those who planning going to USS

If you have don't want to queue you better get the Express Passes (need to add some cash) I advice you to get this during peak session. If not, you'll feel like queue forever~. If you don't like too many people or serabut2 you better pick the date low seasons, avoid public holidays if possible. The USS attendants is quite nice they always smile and be more happy to help you if you need someone to take your picture. Bring a small bottle with you. There are a lot a drinking water taps or so called as water cooler. So don't spend so much money for drink. You can save up a little bit from there. Singapore weather is more less like Malaysia. A humid weather that make you sweat easily (like me!). Make sure bring sunglasses or cap and put on the comfortable foot-wears because you going to walk a lot! 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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