Monday, January 23, 2017

Singapore Travelogue: Universal Studio Singapore (USS) | Part 1

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I'm soooo EXCITED for this trip! It is been awhile I enjoy a theme park some sort-off game to play with. Hehehee. This trip was actually a last minute plan. During my study time my BFF (so call as boyfriend now) promise want to belanja I a trip if I'm able to jump on the waterfall. So he challenge me to jump into the waterfall so I jump with no hesitation. Muehehehee. That time my classmate and I having a BBQ session. Now he fulfill his promise to belanja I trip. Weeehuuu~ I choose to go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS). That's how this trip happen. I'm happy girl!! Hehehee..

So, here I am at the signature of USS, The globe. 

Basically I will briefly explain my experience at USS and mostly, let's the picture talk.
More picture, More Fun!

   Sci-Fi City   
This is the first ride that we play once we arrived at USS. Because we start with Sci-Fi City area first. Did you know that this is actually The World's First Transformers Ride!! So you better enjoy this.

Queue: 5-10 mins because we go for the single ride
Ride: about 3-4 minutes

I look weird wearing the 3D Glasses. Hehehee.. 

My Experience: I find this ride was fun! I'm glad that we queue for the single ride because it save out time a from 1 hour queue to 10 minutes! What I like about this ride is that it seem so real where we wear the 3D Glasses it feels like we're in the Transformer movie to save the world fight against the force of evil together with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. The movement of the ride make you feel so real. LOVE it! Since I'm also a fan of Transformer!! Hehehe. 

After that don't forget to snap a photo with the Transformer Optimus prime.

The one famous car and turns to Bumblebee. Hehehee.

For this game you have to kept you belonging in a locker that they provided. The locker is definately safe because it is use you fingerprint. The estimate time for you to keep you belonging in the locker about 30-50 minutes. Depends on the queue on the ride. This is labeled as The World's Tallest Dueling Coasters

Human (red) Queue: for almost 1 hour
Cylon (blue) Queue: for almost 45mins
This is the longest queue we've been. Ohh man! Maybe that time is quite a peak hour. 

Human (RED): This is a seated roller coaster that twists, turns and propels you over 14 storeys into the air
Cylon ( BLUE): This suspended roller coaster goes up, around and upside down with an intense corkscrew and a cobra roll.

My Verdict:It was so much fun! Both ride are high-speed turbulent roller coasters that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping. You have to be in a good physical health to ride both of this.  If you have no problem issue and love roller coaster this is a MUST try. They have 2 different tide for HUMAN (red) and CYLON (blue). What make this two different is the seat and the roller coaster ride type. Cylon is more adventure than Human because Cylon you feet won't touch the ground because it is a suspended roller coaster. It is like you're hanging in a chair. Minewhile the Human ride your feet is protected because it is a seated like other normal roller coaster. Plus Cylon got intense corkscrew and cobra roll with and sudden dropping style that make you scream out loud (like I am!! Hahahhahahhahahaa..) BOTH A MUST RIDE! My advice is that, you better ride the Human first then Cylon.

That's how Cylon ride looks like. I feel like flying ride that. Hahahhaa. But it's okay. I enjoy!

   Ancient Egypt   
In here you will feel some sort at Ancient feeling. 

You also can see a handsome body guard a.k.a abang sado. Hehehee.

Revenge of The Mummy. Plunge into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you come face to face with warrior mummies and scarab beetles.
Queue: about 35mins

My Experience: I really enjoy this ride. It is a high-speed roller coaster that include sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping and backwards motion. Ensure that you have to be in a good physical health as to experience the ride. This among my favorite ride ever because you will not expected what's going to happen especially when you ride an extreme fast ride roller coaster in a dark. Yahhh! In the DARK! Scary a bit but super fun. I suggest you must try this ride. When first I enter this place I was like, "whutttt???" because the entrace is sooo long almost like a maze before you get to enter and play the game. You'll understand what I mean once you there. Hihihii..

   The Lost World   
Any dinosaur fan out there? 
In here you can find quite variety of game to enjoy with. 

A MUST Ride if you here where you can enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats where you will get wet and possibly soaked. 
Queue: 30mins

If you afraid or don't want to get wet you better get the disposable poncho. You can get it during the queue because there is like a vending maching selling the disposible ponchos at the queue line. It is worth of SGD4/pcs.

My Experience: If you're are the "lucky" one you'll definitely get wet. I'm glad that day we're not that wet as others on our ride. Hehehee.. Because we didn't even prepare anything and didn't even bought the poncho.Mueheheee.. Just cross-finger and hope the ride ill be nice to us. Hehehe. And I'm glad I didn't get soaked wet like others in the ride. FUHHH~ Thank goodness. Because the rest are like soo wet macam mandi okehh. But this ride still fun!

After a little bit wet we go for this ride where it can help to dry up out cloth a little bit. Hehhee. Enjoy a prehistoric bird's eye view as you soar over Jurassic Park
 Queue: about 20-30 minutes

My Experience: This ride is safe for kids where it is not that trill yet it is quite fast. The funny parts is that we get seat backward. Hahhaaa.. You know the feel when you can see what's obstacle waiting for you. Hahhaaa. So I just scream but not that scary. I think kids also will like this. 

*Not my stroller.. Hhahhaha.. I posing je~

The Water World live show only play 2 times per day so you need to be alert with the showtime. As stated in the picture it play at 1.30pm and 4.45pm. I think the timing will be different according to days and season. So you need to be alert with it. 

At the hall they already divided seat according to your preferences. Either to get wet or to stay dry. Please pay attention on which seat you seated yahh. Because the instructor and playroles will not going easy with you. Some "lucky" people get totally wet that time. Hehehee. For us we choose to saty dry so we seated at the back row seat. Don't worry, any seat you choose you'll still get a chance to watch the live performance clearly. 

Queue: No queue needed. You only need to walk in the stadium and take you seat according to your preference. The gate will be open about 15 minutes before the show start. 

My Verdict: The show is quite fun and the play-roles/actors for the live performance was awesome! Sporting to the max. You'll definitely enjoy the performance.25 minutes only and it start on time (no delay). The performance take about That time I'm a little bit not in a mood due to the hot weather and tired I guess. Hahahaa. But after watching the performance it light-up my mood again! You can witness a death-defying stunts they play. OMG! they really good guys. So fast and well-train. The show also have some awesome explosion that you won't expected plus with the thrills action. I enjoy the performance!

I think I will stop the story for the Part 1 here. Wait for more story of my experience at USS. I need to share some sort tips what you need and don'ts. 

To be continue~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^