Thursday, December 22, 2016

Haul: Unboxing Althea Black & Red Box + Black & Red Makeup Look

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

YEAYYY! Unboxing time~

I love Althea Holiday Makeup Box because it offer such a great makeup product with the lowest price! You can save up of lot with the deal they offer. I got the Althea Black & Red Box which is their Holiday Makeup Box No.2. This Makeup Box only cost you RM121.00!!! The original price was RM533.00! OMG! Discount up to 77%. *FAINT!

In total, I got 7 product in 1 box! Wuuhuuu~

With out any further due, let me show you one by one what I got in Althea Black & Red Box. I also include a makeup step using the products that I got in this box! Special for my blog readers and Althea fans. Hope you like it~

1) WITCH"S POUCH Get It Easy Pencilcara - Natural Brown
Well, nowadays people can't get out especially girls without their eyebrow been fully-filled right. In this box contain the eyebrow pencil also. It is 2-in-1 multi dual eyebrow where it has eyebrow pencil and the other end has the browcara (mascara for brows).

This is how I used it to shape and filled in my eyebrow. 
The color is Natural Brown so it is suitable for me since my hair is slightly dark brown yet people can't see it cause I'm wearing hijab. Hihihii.. Overall, it is suitable for Medium-Dark skin tone with natural, dark and chocolaty hair color. I love this eyebrow pencil because it somehow complete the step for eyebrow in one pencil. Travel friendly as well. 

2) CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette - Smokey Top
In this eyeshadow palette contains 10 different trendy color. This palette is the best for smoky-eye-look. You can create a grey smoky look or brown smoky look cause it contain two main shades in one palette. Definitely worth to get! It come with the CLIO Eye Palette Dual End Brush which one side is flat brush and the other side is round. This eyeshadow palette suitable from beginners to professional makeup artist to use. It is easy to apply and have trendy shades that wearable for everyone. 

As you can see in this picture, I'm trying to create a dark brown smoky look using CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette in Smoky Top. When I first swatch this eyeshadow I was surprise with the pigmentation and texture. It is good! I'm planning to create more look using CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette in Smoky Top soon. *full review of this, maybe?

3) Y.E.T ME7 Waterproof Colorful Liner - KingBlack
An eye look won't complete without an eyeliner right. In this box, it contain a black pen-liner that is easy for anyone to use. I've been loving the penliner type because it is easy to bring a long and you can draw your eyeliner more precises. Either to draw a thick or think line it's depends on you. This eyeliner has great black color and easy to apply as well. The tip of it quite think make it easier for me to wing-up my eyeliner. Hehehee. I wear it for quite a long time and no smudge on me eye. No panda's eyes. 

Can you see I try to wing-my-liner there. It is to make my eyes look wide and kinda happy face. 

4) Secret Key Miracle Fit Contour 
hand-up! Here come the contour part. I love contouring and shading because it give an effect of face-lift. Hehehee. This Secret key Miracle Fit Contour is a cream type contour. At first it is kinda hard for me to use but by the time I get use to it now. I can balance the amount needed for contour. In this box, I received 2 shades which is Shading Medium and Shading Dark. I used Shading Medium for contour my nose and the Shading Dark for my cheek bones. 

After you mark the line, get a brush as to blend them away to ensure the line does not to obvious. The best to apply bronzing powder afterwards. 

5) ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher - Grapefruit Jelly
Ahaaaa~ to make the shading parts and the face look settle of course you need blusher. Look at this cure blusher from ETUDE HOUSE called a Lovely Cookie Blusher in shade Grapefruit Jelly. it is more like a peachy rosy shades you you cheek with a matte finish. It come with a cute puff in it. 

the puff to cute to handle right. Just gently pat-on the blusher on your apple cheek. Make sure to smile :)

6) CHICA Y CHICO Matt Lip - Matahari
To complete the look! We need some stunning red lip. In this box, it has a liquid lipstick from CHICA Y CHICO in shade Matahari. it is more like a luxury red that pops-out beautifully with one glides. It spread smoothly on my lips with a semi-matt feels. The color is vivid and stay for a long time. Up to 6 hours on my lips event after drinking a water. The txture is moist when apply and it takes a couple minutes for it to dry as a semi-matte. It will dry yet won't hurt your lips. 

Look at the stunning color on me. I kinda like it. To be honest, I never heard of this brand before but once I tried this liquid lipstick make me wanna grab more colors soon! Hihihii..

 Here's the FINISH LOOK of Black & Red Makeup Look.
You can either look gorgeously vogue and sexy

 or you can look fun as well.

Overall, I'm definately satisfied with this Althea Black & Red Box! It is worth to get. I know everyone would love to grab this Althea Makeup Box soon.  So, do follow Althea and alert with the deal they made. Usually it is beyond your imagination with their Holiday Makeup Box. It sold-out very fast! So you better stay alert if you don't want to miss this chance.

For more info, visit Althea's

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