Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cure Water Treatment Launch

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Event: Cure Water Treatment Launch
Date: 15th December 2016
Venue: TOUS les JOURS, Empire Damansara, PJ

Cure Treatment is a well-known brand from Japan. It is legendary popular with the product known as Cure Treatment Natural Aqua Gel (activated hydrogen water) that helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin without hurting your skin. And recently Cure has launch a new innovated product that is Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream.

The launch was start with a speech and introduction of the products to educate and inform us about Cure Treatment product even more. 

Cure Treatment Natural Aqua Gel and Cure Treatment Skin Cream

Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream has 2 main usage which is as a toner and an emulsion. It is harmless cosmetic-grade silicon that covers your skin to maintain skin hydration for a smoother and oil free complexion. It is lightweight moisturizer that formulated to battle against dry skin. The texture of the product feels like lotion rather than a cream. It has high concentration of liquid and absorb fast too.

You just need to apply a small amount of the product on your skin and massage it with your fingertip and you can see water will emerging from the cream. As it consists of 75% of hydrogen water, it will speed up your skin's regeneration process as to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It penetrates into the skin effectively which will keep your skin supple, firmer and evens out skin complexion

The product is safe to be use for your face and body. It works wonderful for both. I was quite impressed with the formulation of Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream. I find it is something new that does not really have in current market yet. It no stickiness and leaves a nice feel on your skin.  I recommend this product if you have dry-normal skin condition but for oily skin condition, it is the best for you to used the Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream during night time. But as for the Cure Natural Aqua is good for all skin type. You can get this product as SASA Outlet near you now. 

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