Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sabah Travelgoue: [Day 2] Sabah Tea Plantation and Poring Hot Spring

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After Desa Diary Farm, we go to Sabah Tea Plantation and Poring Hot Spring

Haa.. cari benda tersembunyi. Hihihiii
Sabah Tea Plantation
Hahahaa. There's a funny story about this. Actually, Sabah Tea Plantation was not in our plan. But however, when my sister 'waze' the route for us somehow it leads us to here. I called it as jodoh. Means, dah alang-alang sampai tu.... Go ahead and visit the Sabah Tea Plantation. 

They have Sabah Tea Garden Restaurant/ Tea place where you can dine in while indulge the beautiful surroundings. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. 

I like the idea of this teapot. Where also for "lock & key"

To be honest the plantation was not as good as at Cameron Tea Plantation if you want me to compare them. Huhuhuuu.. Being honest here. The Sabah Tea Plantation was surrounded by pristine rain forests in the cool mountain air. Because when you enter this place you can see rain-forest along the way.

Poring Hot Spring

This place is quite popular not only for tourist but also for Sabahan local people. Since its weekend, we end-up going through a crowd and the only activity we did in here is just dip our feet in the hot water. Hahahaa.. Although there is more activity you can enjoy such as canopy walk, butterfly park and more. We seems pretty much tired when we get there.  

The entrance fee RM3 (for MyCard holder)

The worst part is that I didn't even snap a picture of the hot spring itself! Hahahaa. 
The moment I realize that I was like... WHATTTTT?!! erghhhh..
*maybe I'm being "unconscious" that time. 

Anyway, what I can describe is that, Poring Hot Spring may be different compare to any other place because it is like a bath-tub then you can fill-in the water in it. Not like other places where is like a ground-hole filled with hot water. More like a local bath for public. Hehehee. You also can control the flow of hot water according to your preferences. I think they innovative this area since it has so many people come and visit or maybe they wanted to do something different than just regular hot spring. Huhuhuu.. I don't know.

I would only recommend you to go here when you at Kundasang are for you to experience this yourself. Plus if you have extra energy, don't just play with the hot spring or swimming pool, you can also go for the canopy walk for some adventure trip. Learn and love the Nature at Sabah.  

Another advice, if you have sensitive skin, I don't recommend you for dip in you feet in the hot spring because my sister get ichy right after that. Maybe her skin quite sensitive but for me and other family members, we just okay with it. 

Up till here my entry, I will continue next story soon.

To be continue~

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  1. bestnyaaa hot spring! kak nani favourite kot air panas!

    1. yeke kak nani. Tapi pika xsnap pulak gambar air panas nya..