Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sabah Travelgoue: [Day 2] Desa Diary Farm, Kundasang Sabah

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This entry is continue from the my previous Sabah Travelogue. We start our morning with breakfast at the resort that day. The first destination we heading is Desa Diary Farm, Kundasang Sabah. This is a MUST-GO-PLACE when you visit Kundasang. The view in here is so good and you kinda getting a vibe of being at New Zealand. Tak percaya?? Keep on reading this..

Can you see! I'm totally feeling this time. Even-tho it is sunny yet it is not as hot as in KL.

 The entrance RM5/person
Worth it! You should go inside. You can experience more than you expected. 

Here is the scheduled time for the activity inside this Desa Diary Farm.
Raw Milk Processing: 10am – 3pm (Tue, Thu, Sun)
Calf Feeding: 9am – 4pm (daily)
Milking Process: 2:30pm – 4:30pm (Daily)
*I google this

So you can arrange you time which one do you want to explore/see first. As me us, we practically come after the Raw Milk Processing which they perah susu directly from the cow. 

This is the lembu-lembu susu.
Eventually, we come a little bit late so the time for milking is over so we only get to see all the lembu-lembu. Hehehee. This is the place where they place all the cows. You can see that they all resting after the raw milk process. 

Check out my full outfit details HERE
Look at the viewwww guyssssss 

It's look weird to go to farm with flowy skirt. Hahhaaa.. But I made it!

Nnext stop, we go for feed the calf/goat at the Calf Barn. 

Visitors and Tourist also can feed the calf and goat. You only need to buy the milk and grass at the counter. 
Milk Feeding: RM1.50
Grass Feeding: RM1.00

Alolololoo.. Kemaen...minum susu sempat jeling dekat camera. cehhh~
So, basically they will give you the milk in this bottle. They more than happy to finish the milk at no time okeh. Cepat betul dorang minum. Dahaga sangat tuu..

 I don't know why my dad so excited about. Hahahhaa

Grass feeding
Nampak muka penuh ketakutan. Padahal dah tahu lembu tu tak makan orang dia nak makan rumput tu je tapi muka pika berkerut macam hape lagi.. Hahahaa..

Jangg! The best picture with the view and so on!

My beloved family..

wind blow

Gelato Ice Cream! Sooooo delicious. I recommend this for you to try. I choose chocolate and yogurt gelato. Both delicious! 

Eventually, the original milk flavor is out of stock thats why my sister bought Coffee Flavor because thats the only milk that available. And also the Yogurt

Bye bye Desa Diary Farm!

For me, it is worth of going with the beautiful view at Desa Diary Farm. I will repeat this again! This place not only suitable for Family but it also suitable for friends-time because most activity here such a leisure and easy-going. Not only that, for those who planning for honeymoon this  also suitable for you new-wed-birds. Hehehee. You can taste a delicious diary products while enjoy a beautiful scenery. For those who asking to compare the weather at Kundasang it is probably more or less like Cameron Highland if at Semenanjung Malaysia.

I will continue my Sabah Travelogue story about our next activity soon!

To be continue~

Till then, xoxo

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